Ice cream men must obtain a license before selling any ice cream from their car.

10-1 Use of vehicles for commercial advertising.

No person at any time shall operate, drive or park or cause to be operated, driven or parked upon any street alley parkway, sidewalk or public property within the city, without first obtaining written permission therefor from the city clerk, any advertising vehicle, sound truck or commercial vehicle with its sound amplifying equipment in operation or with any sound or signaling device in operation for the purpose of advertising goods, wares or merchandise sold at or from such vehicle or for the purpose of attracting or calling attention to such vehicle. Application for the permission required hereunder shall be made to the city clerk in accordance with such rules and regulations as he may prescribe thereto and such permission shall be given only if the operation of any such advertising vehicle, sound truck or commercial vehicle will not be inimical to the public welfare, health or safety or cause such sounds or noises to be emitted or created as will disturb the peace of the citizens of the city. The city clerk shall refer the application to the county sheriff and may in his discretion rely on the decision of the county sheriff whether the same will be inimical to public welfare, health or safety, or will disturb the peace.

(Code 1959, §§ 4249, 4249.1)

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