Sun Prairie

Nuclear weapons may not be manufactured in the city limits.

Section 8.40.010 Established. A. No nuclear weapons, delivery systems for such weapons, or components expressly intended to contribute to the operation, guidance or delivery of a nuclear weapon shall be produced within the city. B. No waste from the production of nuclear weapons, their components, or commercial nuclear power shall be stored within the city….


Missiles may not be shot at parade participants.

Sec. 66-34. No throwing of objects during parade. No person shall throw or shoot any object, missile, spray or other solid, fluid or semifluid projectile by hand or any other means at any person or object along the route of a parade authorized under section 82-39 during the period from the beginning of the parade…

Oklahoma City

It is illegal to own a stink bomb.

30-371. Prohibition of stink bombs. (a) No person shall sell or offer for sale, either as an individual or as an officer, member, agent, servant, or employee of any firm, partnership, association, or corporation, nor shall any person possess, within the City limits, a novelty item, commonly sknown as a stink bomb, that when activated…