A person must be 18 years old to buy a wax container.

8.40.010 Findings

The council finds that:

A. Large numbers of paraffin or wax containers are being discarded on the sidewalks of the city by children. Such containers, when discarded, become soft from the warmth of the sun and create a waxy, oily, greasy, slippery, dangerous and unsightly condition. The condition is aggravated because the contents of the containers attract large numbers of noxious flies.

B. The discarded wax containers constitute a hazard to pedestrians and make the sidewalks unsafe for foot travel because of the greasy and slippery condition resulting on the sidewalks. Several persons have fallen because of that condition. Such containers are a hazard to the health of the city because of the number of flies attracted to them.

C. Because of the hazard to pedestrians and the hazard to health and safety, the presence of the containers is a public nuisance.

D. This public nuisance can best be abated by prohibiting the retail sale, gift or transfer of the containers to any person under the age of eighteen years in the city.

(Prior code § 16-1)

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