It is illegal to store your own stuff in your own garage

According to Chapter 6 of the San Francisco Housing Code, “Private and public storage garages in apartment houses and hotels shall be used only for storage of automobiles.” Failing to comply with the law can lead to fines of up to […]

Cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit.

Old women must hide their faces when in the vicinity of virgins. The penalty for disobeying this law is 5 years in prison.

It’s illegal to rob a birds nest from a public cemetery.

No more than 6 people are allowed to stay in a hotel room where payment has been paid for just 1 person.

If robbing a bank, shooting at the teller with a water gun is prohibited.

It is illegal to set a mousetrap without a hunting license.

It is an offense for residents to appear on reality TV shows.

On some beaches it is still illegal for females to surf.

A law created in 1925 makes it illegal to wiggle while dancing.

One may not leave sand in their own driveway.

15-3 Depositing certain items on public or private property prohibited.

No person shall place, deposit, throw or dump, or cause to be placed, deposited, thrown or dumped, any garbage, swill, cans, bottles, papers, ashes, dirt, sand, rock, cement, glass, metal, carcass of any dead animal, offal, refuse, plants, cuttings or trash or rubbish of any […]

Males may not dress as a female unless a special permit is obtained from the sheriff.

17-31 Male dressing as female.

No man or boy shall dress as a girl or woman without a permit from the sheriff, except for the purpose of amusement, show or drama.

(Code 1959, § 4237.1)

Persons may not pick flowers from the city parks.

17-25 Flowers–Picking in parks, etc.

No person shall pick any flower or flowers growing in any public park or place in the city, except by the express authorization of the superintendent thereof.

(Code 1959, § 4240)

Children may not wear a Halloween mask unless they get a special permit from the sheriff.

17-32 Mask or disguise–Wearing.

No person shall wear a mask or disguise on a public street without a permit from the sheriff.

(Code 1959, § 4237.2)

Kites may not be flown above 10 feet over the ground.

17-1 Kite flying restricted.

It shall be unlawful for any person to fly, above an altitude of ten feet above the ground, or near any electrical conductive public utility wires or facilities, any kite or balloon which has a body or any parts, tail, string or ribbon made of any metallic or electrical conductive material.


Ice cream men must obtain a license before selling any ice cream from their car.

10-1 Use of vehicles for commercial advertising.

No person at any time shall operate, drive or park or cause to be operated, driven or parked upon any street alley parkway, sidewalk or public property within the city, without first obtaining written permission therefor from the city clerk, any advertising vehicle, sound truck or commercial vehicle […]

Before a business may have a “going out of business sale”, they must obtain a special permit from the city manager.

Sec. 5-4.01. Permits: Required.

It shall be unlawful for any person to advertise, represent, or hold out that any sale of goods, wares, or merchandise is an insurance, bankruptcy, liquidation, mortgage, insolvent’s, assignee’s, executor’s, administrator’s, receiver’s, removal, or closing-out sale, or any particular department of such stock of goods, wares, or merchandise, under the guise […]

Remote control cars can only be driven in designated areas of city parks.

10-1.03 Restricted acts.

It shall be unlawful for any person within the limits of public schools, parks, recreation areas, and open spaces which are now or which may hereafter be within the City, including all grounds, roadways, avenues, parks, buildings, campgrounds, swimming pools, equestrian trails, bicycle trails, hiking trails, and school facilities under the control, […]

One may not raffle off a dog as a gift in any public place.

6.12.020 Selling, giving away or auctioning animals.

It is a violation of this title to sell or give away unaltered dogs and cats in any public places or to auction off or raffle unaltered dogs and cats as prizes or gifts. No person in the city shall publish or advertise to city residents the availability […]

Using a gas-powered blower at a business on Sunday is prohibited.

9.12.050 Prohibited acts.

A. Noise Disturbances Prohibited. No person shall make, continue or cause to be made or continued, or permit or allow to be made or continued, any noise disturbance in such a manner as to be plainly audible at a distance of fifty feet from the noisemaker; provided, nothing in this section shall […]

Giving or receiving oral sex is prohibited.

No person may carry a fish into a bar.

6.05.410 Animals prohibited from food establishments.

It is unlawful for any person to allow or permit any animal in, or take any animal, whether loose, on a leash, or in arms, into any food establishment, such as a restaurant, grocery store, meat market or into any place where alcoholic beverages are sold, except guide dogs […]

It is illegal to fish from an overpass in the city.

9.36.010 Jumping or fishing from bridge or overpass–Prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person to jump or fish from any bridge or overpass located within the city limits.

(Ord. 227 (part), 1988)

One may not allow his or her dog to chase a squirrel in the summer.

6.05.440 Dogs pursuing livestock, protected animals or game animals.

It is unlawful for any person to permit any dog which is owned, harbored, or controlled by such person to pursue, wound, or kill any of the following:

C. Game animals, during the closed hunting season of such animals;

(Ord. 261 (part), 1996)

Growing oleander flowers is illegal.

Section 6.08.010 Prohibition.

No person, corporation or public agency shall plant or cultivate the oleander plant at any place in the city for any purpose whatsoever.

(Ord. 722, 1997, Ord. 304 Sec. 2 (part) , 1974) ——- Oleander is extremely dangerous/toxic to horses as well as other animals. Norco has a very high concentration of […]