It is illegal to spit in public.

Section 9.08.010 Spitting.

It is unlawful for any person to spit upon the sidewalks, or upon the floors of places of worship, buses, public halls, theaters or other public places.
(Ord. 63A § 3-12, 1977)

  • g

    Many do not follow this in Alabama.

  • david

    I wonder what all those tobacco chewers are supposed to do, then.

  • It is not a stupid law at all. When people suffering from all kinds of disease germs and bacteria build up in that lovely stuff called mucous. When they spit it out in a public area this can get onto shoes and taken into warm homes where the ‘bugs’ can breed. Another thing that happens is that when the mucous dries, it get blown into the air – and this pollution gets into your throat and lungs. Sneezing and coughing in other people’s face without covering up with a tissue has the same effect. We used to have a slogan in clean England ‘coughs and sneezes spread diseases – trap those germs in your handkerchief!’ Makes sense, doesnt it?

  • Limey

    This isn’t a stupid law. Spitting is gross; do you really want to unexpectedly trod on someone’s germ-ridden spittle?

  • Cheryl Wilson

    Civil Law is almost always about protecting the common interest from gross disrespect, actually, and spitting in public is grossly disrespectful, right alongside littering and urinating in public. Disrespect of common property is the least of Alabama’s concerns though – people wave their guns around in public places as a form of intimidation, tell racist and sexist jokes, pollute each other’s space, make threats, and display public drunkenness quite routinely… not to mention a whole lot of considerably more serious crimes… so making spitting illegal is kind of trivial, and its not surprising, under the circumstances, that it isn’t enforced.

  • Chad

    This law is here to help prevent the spread of virus’s and diseases. Some of these are transmitted by spit or body fluids. (Ebola)

  • Eileen Schwanke

    Stop chewing! 🙂