It is illegal to say any sentence containing more than 4 words in English.

  • Alexey

    U guys such a liars. Every “stupid” law for Russia ( perhaps for other countries also) are LIEEEEEES. I am from Russia and I can prove it, cuz I know the Working Code (u guys do not have it), Civil Code and Criminal Code. (Трудовой, Гражданский, Уголовный Кодексы) Please, shut the heck up and do not write lies, making people believe in some crap and… Welcome to Russia, Moscow) Буду рад вас видеть)

  • james

    thats cuz youre brainwashed by your stupid communist government. i know i know the cold wars over but your still an socialist idiot.

  • Matt


  • person mc person

    wow, they really hate us dont they?

  • I think we just cussed out in RUSSIAN, as an American, I’m slightly turned on.

  • hey

    beast u werent cussed at it was just another translansation of waht he said before and if he was cussing at you it would be all caps. and im from ukraine and i think there should be some from there cus im curiouse. c[=

  • peter

    these were real, of coarse they aren’t around today. duh. these laws were made during the red scare and during the communist revolution, stop trying to act smart Alexey.

  • peppermint

    it’s a lie

  • roelof

    Yeah right, I somehow doubt it…. would be kinda bad for tourism.

    And Matt, you’re an idiot!

  • it is a lie! I am from Russia. All laws in this site about Russia are very silly

  • Bradhla


  • Stupid bradhla

  • Nataly

    Hey there!
    I think it’s just necessary to say that such laws no longer exist. It’s not a good thing that such websites make people think bad about our country. Why there isn’t “Laws of the past” category? That would be very convenient and interesting to read.

  • Alysha

    I agree with Nataly, it would definately end a lot of the arguing. All of the laws on this site are real, its just that many of them no longer exist or are no longer enforced. For example, in my country New Zealand if we find any uranium we must report it to the government. This law doest seem strange unless u know that New Zealand is in fact a nuclear-free country. This is an old law, just like many laws on this site.

  • Josh

    Umm…doesn’t this law break itself? I mean if someone was to read the law. LOL

  • zb

    I can sort of understand this during the Cold War. Look at how anti-communist the US was; I could see maybe Russia linking English to the United States/Capitalism.

  • Eugene

    Sorry. Я не имею права написать более 4 слов на английском. Поэтому вам придётся изучать русский язык или воспользоваться услугами переводчика.
    Это хороший сайт с глупыми анекдотами.
    This is a good site with stupid jokes

  • Stephanie

    Я думаю, что это – глупый закон. Если бы я должен сказать вещи на русском языке все время тогда, который был бы действительно развлечением. плюс разговор на русском языке – действительно развлечение, таким образом я мог жить с этим

  • joel

    in communist russia pokemon catch you

  • Oodi

    because in soviet russia english speaks you

  • Oodi

    no, seriously, calm down, russians, i’m australian and almost all the “laws” from australia are bullshit, or they were gotten rid off ages ago. I think its hilarious that people will now assume that I feed kangaroos 4 to 5 bottles of beer, but never more than six, and get arrested for wearing “sexy pink pants” on sunday. and what about poor scotland? now everyone will think it’s illiegal for them to wear underpants (LOL)and that they are only allowed to kill englishmen if it’s “enjoyable”. …unless any of these laws actuallydo exist, which would be disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    This law still exists in Quebec.

  • Dee

    It should definitely say it was repealed… perhaps contact the admins?

  • FireGirl

    what if your american just visiting and dont speak russian????

  • Dudley

    Some of the United States laws are also off the books and some of them require you to look at the background. When you look at the background,you discover the laws are initially worded such that you would think something is strange when it is not.

  • well, i am from el salvador and i am a legal alian in the US i have lived in this country for many years and have met very nice people from russia , i think russians are very nice and the girls are beautiful maybe the most beautiful i have seen, perhaps i dated oine in highschool and became very good friends and yes she will tell me stories about russia and how hard it was but hey who is perfect my country had a war that lasted 12 years now i have a new home in the US lets cheers for russia and hope that the new laws they have are better than before.

  • @ hey: CURIOUS doesn’t have an “E”. Just saying.

  • Allyssa

    I’m sorry, but I’m from America, and I’m offended by others bashing innocent citizens from Russia, calling them Communist bastards and whatnot. Yes, our two countries have had rough times with one another, and the relationships with our people are still quite tense. But the last I knew, Russia was officially a Democracy. So please, my fellow American people, stop pointlessly insulting other citizens of countries solely because they are from that country. Communism was in the past, and there’s nothing we can do to change that. They didn’t chose to be born there, just as you did not chose to be born where you were. Your comments just further prove the stereotype of Americans being ignorant bastards. I, for one, don’t want to be included in said stereotype simply because immature Americans with no respect for others have hateful things to say. You may argue with me, and resent what I have to say, but just remember: that only proves my point of you all being immature. Have a nice day.

  • America is better anyway so we dont need russians to speak our language

  • Joe

    Yeah, these are right. I work with russia’s government. These are in action. Now kids, get off this site.

  • Yo

    Wow…I guess I’m getting arrested now.

    Stupid soviets…

  • Opps I just broke a law.

  • Alisa

    Why do you hate Russian people because they had communism and call our country Soviet Russia? I’m 16 and russian. So I don’t live in USSR.
    Don’t blame us because we have hard times.

  • SandWitch

    Wow, such an endless discussion. I’m from Russia and I’m proud of my country, we are great and have a long history, and I can’t understand your, dear Americans, attitude. Who are you to blame us? Look at your own history(it’s easy, not so long), you had hard and beast times too. You are full of stereotypes, i won’t be surprised if you think that people in Russia play with bears in the streets etc.

  • Hetaliaa!

    Эй, посмотри на меня, я говорю на русском языке! Что вы думаете об этом?

  • Denis

    Hi there,

    I’m russian lawer. I’d like to say that we don’t have laws against English language or against people from the “West Side”. How is it possible in democratic country? Helloooo!!! We have been having democracy for 20 years. Constitution of Russian Federation was adopted at 12 December 1993 and democratic regime was established. Also, we are not a common law country like the USA or the UK. Do you know what does it means? If not, please don’t argue with me. Like a lawyer I respect an American legal system for some reasons.

    About communism. You don’t like it, but you like a products from China. I have a surprise for you, China is most strongest communistic country in the World. As you guess there is no connections between general welfare and the political regime. Major thing is economic system in country.

    Please delete information about russian law because false. We don’t have stupid laws like you said above (only stupid politicians). We are young democracy and our legal system based on contemporary European law.

    I apologise for my English.

  • Chung Wu

    Hmm interesting inst it? Whoops I guess I broke the law :p

  • The rokesz

    So.. funny laws eehh. am an indian. u guys check out the indonesian law of masturbation. hats off. damn … u cant masturbate there huh.

  • Damyan

    You guys are stupid. RT is an English news station in Russia, I’m sure they broadcast with more than 4 words per sentence. Dumb asses actually believe this and you do realize the USSR and Russia are different countries in different time periods!

  • Bani Septa Muhammad

    Hahhaa who said

  • Josh

    Lies. Thats what the Russian Government wants you to think.

  • Alexandra

    That’s what your Government wants you to think about us ))) You’re stupid if you believe this

  • Александра

    Америка – это страна, набитая идиотами, ничего умнее комиксов за всю свою жизнь не прочитавших, страна расистов, из которой по всему миру распространяется только порнуха и нецензурщина. Вы очень гордитесь своим так называемым “государством”, которое основали бандиты и уголовники? А лучше бы постыдились ))))) У вас ни истории нет как таковой, ни культурного наследия. Вы лишь присваиваете себе чужие изобретения и открытия, а самим вам похвастаться нечем. Американские солдаты – жестокие убийцы и садисты, хуже всяких исламистов. И если изучение иностранных языков для большинства русских не проблема, то для американцев, с их невысокими умственными способностями, русский язык просто-напросто не по зубам! так чем вы гордитесь? Тупостью своей? Убогая нация…

  • Александра

    Это даже не ваш язык.

  • Александра

    Идиот. Типичный американец.

  • Ahmed

    The author of this post might have read it in an old constitution. I am not 100 percent sure, but it’d make sense to have such a law in either a communistic government, or a government that hates the U.S for reasons (reasons like the cold war). But just as I said, totally unsure of this.

  • tralalala

    Well, I just broke that law.

  • K Thomason

    In russia, television watches you