Baths may not be taken between the months of October and March.

  • David hatch

    As a citizen of Indiana that law is BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • eww gross. thats not true!!! you people are dumb

  • take it from someone who lives here!!!!

  • brad


  • that’s actually a pretty long time…..

  • Cody

    If you think about it, that means you can never take a bath because it doesn’t specify whether the months are forward or backward. So it could be Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. or Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Sucks to be you guys. Lol Jk

  • Dr. Octagonapus

    If thats true then that means IM A CRIMINAL!

  • litamyra

    this is probably an old law from way back when and has long sense been appealed

  • randomer88

    not true. i live in indiana and take baths all the time. no police come into my house and arrest me! :p

  • Chuck

    A lot of these stupid laws are still on the books from a long long time ago but aren’t enforced any more.

  • Sam

    I take a shower…I don’t take baths…

  • Mike Hawk

    most laws were made because they didnt like a specific person

  • Isaiah

    It’s not like anyone listens to this dumb law. And I live in Indiana. Now one is going to arrest you or give a fine for taking a bath between October and march. If you walked up to every police officer in Indiana and say you took a bath everyday in the months October and march they would just say “okkk and I care why?”

  • josh

    ok whoever took a bath in oct will be arrested u ppl no better. lol

Baths may not be taken between the months of October and March.