Television reporters may not throw candy to the crowd during a parade.

Sec. 34-27. Throwers restricted. (a) Riders or maskers are prohibited from tossing throws or favors to the rear and/or front of their floats or trucks and in the parade formation and disbanding areas. (b) No parade participant other than the members or float riders in the parade of the carnival organization and its special guest celebrities shall toss or hand out throws during the parade without first obtaining written permission and approval of throws from the organization. (c) No member in a marching unit nor persons riding a news media vehicle shall toss, hand out, or otherwise distribute doubloons, trinkets, or other throws. In addition to any other penalties specified in this chapter, violation of this subsection shall subject the band or news media vehicle to immediate removal from the parade. (M.C.S., Ord. No. 19,314, ยง 1, 7-15-99)

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