It is illegal to say “Oh, Boy”

After the south was destroyed during the Civil War, former slaves who were now free had no place to go. As a result, they had no regular money, and sadly, little or no food. Many former slaves lived in Jonesboro the city, working for whatever money they could earn. Unfortunately, there was almost no work for them due to the economic downturn. Sometimes, when the richer gentlemen came to town, they would want their horses cleaned. Former slaves, some of whom hadn’t eaten in days, would fight over who got to clean the horse. This would earn them enough money to eat for the night. As a result of the fights, many were killed, and were others injured. Because of all this, the city of Jonesboro passed a law saying that these wealthy people could no longer come to town and call for these former slaves. How did they used to call them? “Oh, boy!”