Exercising any labor, business, or work, or using any game, sport, play, or recreation, or causing any of the above to be done to or by your children, servants, or apprentices on the first day of the week (Sunday) results in a penalty of $5 for the first offense and $10 for the second.

Criminal Offenses
Sunday Laws
SECTION 11-40-1

§ 11-40-1 Work or recreation on Sunday prohibited. Except as provided in § 5-22-6 § 5-22-11, inclusive, every person who shall do or exercise any labor or business or work of his or her ordinary calling, or use any game, sport, play, or recreation on the first day of the week, or suffer it to be done or used by his or her children, servants or apprentices, works of necessity and charity only excepted, shall be fined not exceeding five dollars ($5.00) for the first offense and ten dollars ($10.00) for the second and every subsequent offense; provided, further, however, that the above prohibitions shall not apply to any person or persons operating or functioning under a valid permit or license.

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