Drinking intoxicating cement is prohibited.

9.04.050 Inhaling or Drinking Certain Substances.

No person shall inhale, breathe, or drink any intoxicating glue, adhesive, cement, mucilage, dope or any other similar material for the purpose of becoming intoxicated, elated, dazed, paralyzed, irrational, or for the purpose of changing, distorting or disturbing the eyesight, thinking process, balance or coordination of such person. Any such condition so induced, for the purposes of this Chapter, is deemed to be an intoxicated condition. This section does not pertain to any person who inhales, breathes or drinks such material or substance pursuant to instruction or prescription of any duly licensed doctor, physician, surgeon, dentist or pediatrist authorized to so prescribe.

(Ord. 46 §17, 1968).

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