County jails aren’t allowed to spend more than 50 cents per day on prisoners

A woman forfeits her property rights to her husband if she’s been ravished unless the husband forgives her

Couples must wait at least 72 hours to be married unless the man has raped the woman

Say a man and woman want to get married in New Jersey. They’ll have to wait at least 72 hours.

Unless, that is, the man was arrested for “bastardy, rape, fornication or of having had carnal knowledge of an unmarried female, and the accused person consents to marry such female.”

In that case, officials can […]

If the horn accidentally sounds while making love in a car, the couple can face a jail term.

It’s illegal for parents to give their children under the age of 18 even a sip of alcohol.

You may not walk your cattle on the street on Sunday.

Raw hamburger may not be sold.

People may not slurp their soup.

Pinball machines are not to be played on Sunday.

Pickles are not to be consumed on Sundays.

You may not throw a bad pickle in the street.

Boiling of bones is prohibited

Profanity is prohibited.

It is illegal to sell ice cream after 6pm, unless the customer has a note from his doctor.

It is illegal to get drunk and annoy others in your house.

109-1. Unlawful acts.

A. No person shall, within the limits of the Township of Mount Laurel:

(1) Be intoxicated or drunk or disorderly in any public omnibus, street, highway, thoroughfare or on any sidewalk or in any private house, home or in any boardinghouse, store, restaurant or other private, public or quasi-public place or house […]

Climbing trees is prohibited in all city parks.

107-3. Prohibited activities.

A. No person in a public park or recreation area shall:

(5) Climb any tree or walk, stand or sit on monuments, planters, fountains, railings, fences or upon any other property not designated or customarily used for such purposes.

It is illegal to offer whiskey or cigarettes to animals a the local zoo.

No one may annoy someone of the opposite sex.

175-12. Offending or annoying persons in public places.

Whoever accosts or approaches any person of the opposite sex unknown to such person and by word, sign or gesture attempts to speak to or to become acquainted with such person against his will, on a public street or other public place in the Township, except in […]

Cross-dressing is illegal.

175-10. Indecent dress or exposure.

It shall be unlawful for any person to appear in any street or public place in a state of nudity or in a dress not belonging to his sex or in an indecent or lewd dress, or to make any indecent exposure of his person or be guilty of any […]

It is illegal to use the Crystal Lake Pool without first obtaining a bathing tag from the Township Clerk.

99-1. Bathing tag required.

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to use the Crystal Lake pool without having first obtained from the Township Clerk of the Township of Haddon a bathing tag to do so.

It is forbidden for a woman, on a Sunday, to walk down Broad Street without wearing a petticoat.

All cats must wear three bells to warn birds of their whereabouts.

Citizens are not permitted to park their own boat on their lawn.

You may not dance or wear shorts on the main avenue.

It is illegal to throw ashes on the sidewalk.

171-7. Ashes or waste on sidewalks.

No ashes, refuse or other waste shall be deposited on any of the sidewalks or in or on any streets or other public place in the township.