Woman are not allowed to drive a car.

Male doctors may not examine women, and women doctors cannot examine men.

It is illegal to kiss a stranger.

It is illegal to import any books featuring Christian symbols such as a cross.

It is illegal to engage in any religious practice other than Islam.

It is considered an offense if a woman appears in public, unless accompanied by a male relative or guardian.

It is against the law to possess any type of alcoholic beverage.

If an oil field is found in your garden you must report it to the state before digging a bore hole greater than 5000 feet.

From Jeddah to Riyadh there are two highways: one for Muslims, another for “infidels”. If a Muslim is accompanied by an “infidel”, both are required to use the highway for infidels.

Being poor is against the law. Any man not earning a “reasonable” income can be imprisoned.