It is illegal to walk on the right hand side of a footpath.

  • Alex

    I wish this was true.

  • Alex

    So many times I wish I could enforce this. There is nothing worse than trying to walk past people who insist on walking on the other side. Makes for lots of awkward side stepping….

  • Sami

    It is kind of true. If a cop sees you walking on the right side you do get told to walk on the left. And it’s not a stupid rule. Its for the safety of pedestrians

  • Felii

    @ Sami – And it’s not a stupid rule. Its for the safety of pedestrians.

    Because it’s sooo much safer having a car ram you up the ass, as opposed to walking towards oncoming traffic; where you can actually see what’s going on. XD

    I willingly violate this law, if it’s true.

  • Darren

    Walking on the left of the footpath puts you further away from the traffic when walking in the same direction as traffic flow, as we drive on the left in Australia. When you are walking towards traffic you are closer to the road (still on the left of the path but in the opposite direction), so can see oncoming traffic to avoid accidents.
    Path Road
    v | :
    ^ | /\ : \/

    Not a stupid law at all!

  • Darren

    Sorry my diagram was bad
    Take 2


    Pedestrians walking in same direction as traffic are farthest from the road. Those walking against traffic are closer to the road but can see oncoming problems

  • Chung Wu

    I would love it if this were the case!! The foot traffic would flow so much better!

  • Cam

    @darren, it’s not because of that silly, because what if I’m walking on the left side of the footpath going the other way? I’d be walking right where the traffic is right next to me… Someone’s gotta be on the road side when walking!

  • Kiana


  • jing

    Oh yeah. It happens to me all the time. Pfftt!!

  • David


  • Yolo Swaggins

    I done it.