It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.

Anyone who dies in Parliament is entitled to a state funeral. Rumor has it that if you appear sick, they escort you out quickly!

Yet another law that was still on the books until a massive “cleanup” of archaic laws was performed in 2012.

  • james

    what would the punishment be?

  • What do they do stick you corpse ni jail?!

  • Calvin

    Well, that’s not strickly true; in that there is a levy on parliament for any death in the premesis and so if one dies in parliment they will first remove your corpse from the building and phone the coroner when you are laying in the gutters outside! But there is no law forbidding the act of death in Parliament

  • LIAM

    This is a ridiculous law what if you have a heart attack will they just leave you outside? and how can they punish a dead person?!!!!!!!111!!!!!1!!!

  • welshbabe

    pmsl wtf

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  • anon

    Your soul will pop out and say “umm how can you arrest me for that?”
    “Oi it’s soul prison for you!”