It is illegal for two adult men to have sex in the spresence of a third person.

  • mr X

    A wonderful law! I’m glad they still have to enforce it

  • jbaby

    gay sex is illegal, but only with a third person watching… just dont have the 3rd person all u gays

  • BaybeGurl

    I’m not gay, infact imma girl. But i think this is a Horrible law! And extremely disrespecting! 3:<

  • Simon Atford


  • Nicolette


  • Nicolette

    wow. it had to go all the way down here just to post that?!?! LAME!

  • olls

    This only applies to Jersey, a small backward island right next to France. Jersey sucks (but never with anyone watching)

  • Andy J

    OK, so with this one it was true until the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000 which lowered the age of male homosexual consent to 16. According to Wikipedia
    “the ‘no other person present’ clause was modified to ‘no minor persons present'”