It is illegal for anyone over the age of 18 to have less than one missing tooth visible when smiling.

We’ve found lots of references to this law still being on the books in Tombstone, but can’t find the actual ordinance to reference. Doc Holliday was associated with Tombstone, Arizona. And, he had a degree in dentistry. Could there be a connection?

  • Sarah

    it should be enforced everywhere its not a stupid law its disgusting having to look @ people with gross mouth despite what caused the missin teeth/tooth

  • kris

    that is a stupid law, because what if it runs in the family or… shut up sarah, dumb bitch

  • mike

    im ging to come to arizona an call the police on someone with two missing teeth

  • Sarah, Kris, Mike, you’re all going to jail.

  • greg

    so u have to kock out at least 1 tooth to fit in tombstone

  • Sekinah

    That’s kind of like Discrimination.
    Shut up Sarah, I hope you have a problem like this!

  • Sam

    “less than one missing tooth” so you at least have to be missing one?

  • Joe

    Thank you Sam. Apparently, everyone else in this comment thread is retarded.

  • Amanda

    Wow Sarah you sick and twisted girl. I guess u really don’t like HOCKEY PLAYERS!!!!! Then cause you know they are always missing teeth.

  • Mspuppydog

    and come on less then ONE missing tooth? one tooth isnt that bad. and sarah some people cant help not having teeth

  • Bob

    Ummm, it says LESS than… so that means everyone with perfect teeth should be arrested…. if I am reading this right….?

  • DesertDog

    And that’s why you often hear the phrase “Nice tooth” here.

  • Nicolette

    You’re reading it right bob. YOU HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE TOOTH MISSING!Meaning if you have perfect teeth you should be arrested.

  • Cat

    Umm, I live and Arizona and have been to Tombstone, and I didn’t get arrested when I was there. (I have all my teeth.) This site sucks because half of the laws are fake. -.-

  • sarah i fixen 2 make u loose teeth when i smak u in mouth with my peniz

  • Dude Dudely

    Just because a law is on the books and real doesn’t mean that every Police Officer is either going to know it or even care to enforce it.

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