It is against the law to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket.

Legend has it that horses love ice cream, and this was a way to lure someone else’s horse to “follow” you home… ie, steal the horse! This law shows up in multiple areas, so this may well have been a low-key way to “find” a few new horses.

  • tapanga

    y the hell do they make up all these dumb ass laws

  • eanne

    Horse theives! It is illeagle to steal a horse. If you put your hand on the horse you would be stealing it. Horses like icecream. So by letting the horse loose, you have an icecream cone in your back pocket, the horse follows you. So you steal the horse without stealing the horse because it “followed you”.

  • Kevin

    OK, Eanne, I get that. but how many horse thieves were luring horse on to planes? See related Laws…LOL

  • chereyll

    Y would u put a ice cream cone in Ur back pocket ne wa
    y ?

  • There is definitely a need for this law. I’ve seen this MILLIONS of times.

  • Jalan

    Well darn,there goes my plans for when I ever go to Alabama :/

  • not really my name

    I have committed this crime. I’m such a bad ass

  • Taylor

    listen, I live in alabama, and apparently this law is enforced rather well because I have not seen anybody with ice cream in their back pocket in my life.

  • Brian Silver

    that is tru why would you do that that is fucking dumb