Gay men are not allowed into public bars unless accompanied by a child.

  • uh

    children are allowed in bars?

  • Dawn

    So let me get this straight…….they want gay men to take children to bars? Boy, they sure do things different in Florida!

  • alex

    ya cause thats what we want more pepole on megans list

  • Braja


  • Dawn, Alex, Uh, and Braja, i feel really bad for that kid. and why a kid, is the kid a bodyguard, or something?

  • ThatChick

    alex – you mean that one about sex offenders? you do know that the majority of pedophiles are STRAIGHT MEN, right?

  • al

    children are allowed in bars, therefore,gay men are not allowed. good law, think about it

  • That One Person At That Place

    Now I want to move to Florida, and for my dad to be gay. Cause my dad drinks a bunch and he is never home he is always at the bar. So if I were to be in florida with my dad I could always be with him and keep an eye on him.

  • Haha kids in the bar with gay men man if I was still a kid I would want to be in Florida

  • vielle

    A child must watch them? Does that limit to early age kittens?

  • dan ijan

    thats stpid