Face masks may not be worn in public.

This may have to do with Alabama’s racist history and the public display of Ku Klux Klan outfits.

  • Outdoorsman

    So, I can be arrested if it is really cold outside and I want to protect my face from frost bite by wearing a ski mask??? That is Dumb!!! Also, in Alabama thousands of Turkey Hunters take to the woods in hopes of shooting a big spring Gobbler Tom Turkey… almost all of the hunters are wearing face masks.

  • Jason

    Well, I guess they can kiss Halloween goodbye.

  • charley

    Guess that stops my ex from going outside!

  • Dragonflygrrl

    This makes no sense, Mobile has the oldest traditional Mardi Gras celebration of record, and there are some beautiful ornate masks worn during mardi gras. Also, I HAD to giggle at Charleys comment. LOL!!