Any Chav with more than 5 ASBOs must return home by 8 pm each evening.

  • kyle

    that is a stupid law

  • american

    i dont get it

  • Liam Anderson

    ASBO is an Anti Social Behavior Order

  • Sane Person

    I’m sorry but how, exactly, is that stupid? We want to stop people with loads of ASBOs going around raising havoc so we give them a curfew (did i spell that right?). I honestly don’t get how that is stupid.

  • DickFagan

    This is not a stupid law. It is what is known as a curfew.

  • Travis

    Considering that ‘Chav’ is a slang term, and slang terms don’t tend to be used in legal jargon, I’m calling troll post. Curfew for individuals with past behaviour issues maybe, but not to one specific to a particular kind of person.

  • A 12 Year Old. :D

    But what if you’re not a chav but you have 5 ABSOs? :3

  • Think god dammit

    same thing…

  • craig

    after five it should be changed to 1 or 2

  • I would assume its a crook of bum nuggets, theres no specific number of asbo’s that cause the curfew, The curfew would be part of the asbo itself, and as it can be for anything at all (google lady receiving asbo for prolonged excessivly loud sex noises after complaints from neighbours ) Also If you end up getting 5 asbo’s chances are you’ll be locked up or tagged at least – so it might be confusion and 5 asbo’s might be an automatic tag which then does come with a curfew but again the time of the curfew is determined by a judge not the law itself.

  • Andy J

    There is no specific ruling for all people with 5 Asbos. From Penalties for not obeying your ASBO

    Breaking or ‘breaching’ the ASBO is a criminal offence and you can be taken to court. The sentence you get will depend on the circumstances and your age.
    Young offenders

    You can be fined up to £250 (if you’re aged 10 to 14) or up to £1,000 (if you’re aged 15 to 17). The fine may have to be paid by your parents if you’re under 16. You might also get a community sentence or, if you’re over 12, a detention and training order (DTO) for up to 24 months.
    Adult offenders

    You can be fined up to £5,000 or sentenced to 5 years in prison, or both.