Stupid State Laws

Stupid Country Laws

A man can legally beat his wife, but not more than once a month.

  • Shannon

    What the hell??????????????
    This is RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • 1245


  • 1245

    y do it at all?

  • im soo cool

    well then i have somthing to say to that man. let me at em!!!!

  • Dawn

    What the fuck.
    That woman can die in a month.
    Which is murder.
    What is that gonna become legal now too?
    Yeah, fucking dumbasses.
    I hope they die, that’s ridiculous.


    i say the jackasses that passed that law ought to be beat once a month. Jerks

  • tiara searcy

    lol realy woooowwww i wish somebody would hit mehh lol these pple crazy


    this is fucking funny as hell lol and Dawn it says beat not kill there is a difference

  • mr ramone

    only in arkansas

  • http://??? emily roxx urr soxx and joxx

    this is completly stupid, if any man even tried to bash me i would stab him to death then eat him, noody is gonna bash me once a month

  • andrea

    i guess thats why i lost in court. assholes

  • charmens

    lol, my husband beat me at cards this month, does this mean he can not win anymore until next month?

  • awesome law

    I almost forgot to beat my wife this month thanks for reminding me!

  • Braja

    Man, that’s not right. If my husband even looked at me like he wanted to do somethin, I’d grab him by the shoulders, jump down his throat, and stomp on his liver! You better watch yoself cuz!

  • mike

    i need to move to arkansas shit an emily something is seriously wrong wit u if u would eat someone u really need to seek professional help ive never hit my woman but sometimes i think she needs it but no one ever need to be eaten emily please do not watch hamnnibal ever again and seek mental counseiling

  • KazoWAR

    Looks like i know what to do this weekend, Mike. (Not like i have a wife, i guess my sister will do.)

  • Liam

    this is obviously a twist of words you dumbasses

  • http://yahoo Shade

    now I beat my wife on the first of every month with sticks while telling her shes worthless

  • Killer

    If a woman stays with a man after the first 2 months in which she gets beat every month she should get beat twice a month for being so stupid…….

  • BlueGoose

    Does this apply to a philanering (yah I know the term applies to men but) ex-wife who is acting like a moron? Come on she deserves it… lol

  • Tyler

    you people are crazy ……no ofence

  • hi

    what kind of beat? couldnt it be beat, as in win?

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  • JAY

    I SHALL OBEY U PEOPLE SHOULD 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darlene

    This law is simply cruel and ridiculous! Women claiming to hurt your husbands if they tried to test this law….you are no better. Mike…you really have the nerve to say someone needs professional help when you think there is ANY reason to cause bodily harm to ANYONE…especially a loved one! This country just LOVES violence to solve problems such as stress or to get even or just for the heck of it. How pathetic!

  • Don Imus

    That’s all you foolish winches that protested this law line up and receive your monthly beating RIGHT NOW!

  • FFS13

    This should be repealed. NO ONE has the right of law, God or whatever to beat any person no matter whether they are male or female. Thank God we dont have a law like that in New Zealand.

  • Faith

    Okay you guys are funny darlene your freaking out for nothing violence rules i think its funny

  • CountScott

    Hm… Okay, now I know what our country’s people are like during a crazy law… Sure this law sucks but we don’t have power to change it. And don’t answer violence with more violence, ladies. Just kick us where it hurts XD then run to the Sheriff.

  • Lorraine

    All I have to say is LMFAO!!!

  • Allene

    you guys do realize these are old laws right?? there are SO MANY laws out there that no one enforces but people have made in the past that had some reasoning behind them

  • Kaylinn

    Isn’t there some thumb rule that says u may beat your wife with anything thinner than your thumb?

  • Christine

    @shade, your a monster >: (

  • amber

    This law is just plain ridiclous! what if the wife does not make her husband’s sandwhich the way he wants or does not clean up to his standards! the husband should be allowed to beat his wife more than 1 a month! idiots!

  • honeypot

    It’s kinda kinky if you ask me

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  • sarah

    a man should not be allowed to hit a girl, like rlly when i get married if my husband touches me ina harmful way my bro would murder him and tht makes me happy cuz ik im safe :) and if anyone harms my sisters ill go ham on dere asses like rlly dnt hit unless ya want an asswhoping

  • The Sadist

    It’s different if your wife likes being hit… *whipcrack

  • jose

    you haters are probably all women

  • me.

    if y’all honestly think beating a woman is okay, no matter how many times, you need some serious professional help. because you are absolutely and without a doubt sick in the mind. learn some respect, kiddos. you’re disgusting.

  • FireGirl

    i personally agree, me.
    no one has the right to beat a woman.
    i swear if my husband ever hits me despite with damb ass law first im gonna kick his ass them im devorcing his ass either way is ass is grass

  • im 4rm arkansas !!

    im 4rm arkansas n dey worse laws den dat js

  • Big Bob ;)

    I beat my nieghbors wife is that illegal?

  • Allan

    LOL, BTW isn’t Bill Clinton from Arkansas? I’m just saying


  • mike

    nobody should be beat, man or woman!!. unless they piss me off.

  • Hunter

    Can a Woman hit a man

  • Whores

    I think a wife should be beaten for being a whore. Whores should be punished. Rape?? Well if bitches don’t wana get raped the stop provoking men stupid whores. If my wife disobeyed me I’d also beat her down. Damn bitches should never disobey a man, any man not just her husband I’d also beat her if she disobeyed my brother or father. Women are slaves to men; never ever should they go against a man we are not equal, men are superior to women. Women are here to serve us.

  • rickjames21

    This law is outrageous!!! You should be able to beat your wife as well as any other female as long as they are in your residence outside of the city limits. There shouldn’t be a cut off time of 8pm. Bitches trip anytime of the day or night and there is no law against that. Females need a daily beating to remind them that we are superior and that if you do it right the first time then you won’t get your ass whooped and made to do it again. You should be able to beat them with whatever you please regardless of the size. Desperate times call for desperate measures. If my wife forgot to put my uniform (yes im a policeman) in the wash, I would beat her with something much bigger than my thumb. But if she just spoke out of turn i would just smack the shit out of her. Our country was born on beating women. you know why we really left England, because we could only beat our women once a year and you couldn’t tell anybody. Fuck that I love to brag. I will give it to them though, women are learning. They are learning to like it. It will never stop. I beat my wife religiously regardless if i;m drunk or not. I will never disobey our heritage. Long live america and our laws to fuck our women up when they get out of line. It really cuts down on the violence rate. By the name you would think that i was a nigger. WRONG! I am not a white trash whiteboy from the trailerpark either. As i said earlier I’m a bad ass cop from Washington. If you agree on this post and beat your wife immediately without telling her why you did it for atleast a week with regular beatings in between that time. If you fail to do so then you are a disgrace to America and you should be beaten like one of those bitches as well. I would post this shit on facebook but they wont let me. O well better look next time and if you look the wrong way I;m going to beat your ass again Bitch! Always make sure after you beat them you tell them how much you love them and why they deserved it and its all they’re fault. This will ensure that they will stay so you can beat them again. You practically havent lived til’ you have (quote)(unquote) smacked a bitch up. WARNING Doing this in public may cause extreme euphoria and possible oragasm if done for to long or receive any help from bystanders. I can go all day on this topic. I dont know what it is but you would be suprised that i have no domestic Violence charges. There is a proper way to beat a bitch and i am living proof. I will explain many ways to beat your wife in the following blogs, including the notorious dick slap as well as the Pie smash-bitch slap-clit tap and the peanut butter smash. Let me get some feedback and then i will direct you to my beat-a-bitch-101 class. Til next time… I’M RICK JAMES BITCH1111

  • Merri


    This is the actual law- there are parts missing from your site.

  • lol

    Lol see these comments^ r wut is wrong. Women today have the right to do wutever to a man but he doesn’t? Lol listen my philosophy is…. If u man enough to hit a man u man enough to get hit by one. Yall always crying about equality well here it is equality. O but we only want equality n certain places….. lol I love women n I would never actually hit one but seriously women stop bein hypocrites n quit acting tough. We all kno ur not I mean even the government acknowledges it. Hence all these laws

  • Oklahoma

    I wish it were like this in oklahoma. My wife puts me in the hospital about once every six months because she beats me. The police only give her warnings while i get fines and misdemeanors because i hold her hands to keep her from hitting me. She will literally hit herself in the face til it swells up when i threaten to call the police. I hate my life.

  • SantaMonica

    LOL. All you women are getting so fired up over this law… I live in the town this is legal in, and I think me n the spouse are gonna go to the courthouse on Sunday n try this law out – JUST to see everyone’s reactions! It will be funny as crap and we will for sure have people video recording this!

    And to the cop from Washington… LMAO I’m about to show your post to my bf and I’m sure he will agree 100%! too funny! I’m sure u will piss a lot of women off w that, but not THIS woman! :)
    All you ladies that think y’all are bad asses n saying that If your hubby or whoever ever hit you, that u would beat their ass — umm no, u wouldn’t. Bc if u got hit, all u would do is cry, and call the police to have him arrested… Try a gun if u decide to fight back n be a badass bc your man will more than likely kill your ass or at least knock u unconcious if u are lucky! WOMEN — IF U ARE MAN ENOUGH TO HIT A MAN, THEN U BETTER BE MAN ENOUGH TO GET HIT BACK BY A MAN!!!!! Remember that
    Shit the next time u decide to be a badass and “beat his ass”.

  • http://yahoo pakking

    My thing is if u seen ur mom get beat all ur life is sad so I will not put my hands in a women

  • http://yahoo pakking

    To all the poeple that think is ok to put ur hands on a women Ned to be put in a room full of real men and get their ass kick would if ur daughter get beat up by their man what would u do right u would tey to kill that man so what makes u better then that man so dont say I will kick my wifes ass and try to kill the man that out their hands on,ur lil girl a real man is called for a reason

  • http://yahoo pakking

    Its stupid in Arkansas have a handful of real men rhe rest are ounks ass dudes that use the law to hurt women

  • Matt

    Hell yea I wanna move there I think that a great law

  • andy

    reading this confirms my thoughts that the us is a sick country with sick real sick people

  • Why?

    I wonder why people think it is good to just beat their wives. They may not kill them, but they can beat them to a bloody pulp where they can’t walk, talk,or even sleep for the matter. I wonder what has become of the U.S., if people hate us I do not blame them. If the wives kill their husbands or threaten to leave them but then get beaten or killed I don’t blame them. But no matter what, this forum is worthless. You can joke about beating your wife, you can complain, you can threaten, but no matter what…Arkansas will not give a damn to this forum. Why do we argue in this forum when we can’t do it in person? If ya really think it’s wrong then do something about it. Don’t just sit and tell people it’s wrong or right. And to those people who will argue and troll this comment, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. Be advised I will never read this comment nor yours again, don’t care what you do with it, I will never return.

  • Makalani jones

    If a woman feels that she is never subject to her husbands wrath/ she will never respect her husband. All mention how ducked up this law is but all fail to mention that it takes a stern attention fetter for the man to have some respect. Legal entities have sided with women so much. Till if a man raises his voice she can call the cops and claim emotional abuse. So women you leave us no others choice but to pray a curse. Over you. For if God beat’yo’ass all you gone do is taken it shut da fuk up and sit down. Can’t. Call cops on GOd.

  • Cesar

    Guess only when there on their period?

  • Susan Cupp

    It maybe legal for him to beat me once a month, but he better watch out the other 29, or 30 days of the month!!!!

  • Dallis Miller

    I don’t condone beating,slapping or pushing a woman on general principle alone. My question is why would want to and why would you do it at all.
    I understand the cheating spouse thing but really,it is extremely easy to just divorce the cheatin piece of crap.

  • http://[email protected] james

    I have never hit a.woman in my life is what I thank about that dose hit a woman in my eyes if u hit a woman u are not u are a little bitch that thanks he is a man and to tell u the truth come see me I do mma and I’m quit good at it and I can’t stand a man hitting on a woman a man that would even thank is no better then someone that would rape. Kid and o tell u the truth again if u do beat your woman u should get treated by the law as if u would if u raped a kid and that’s that u men that beat a woman need to wake up its not ok

  • nice guy

    You stupid women that hit your men, cheat on them, call them names, you all need to be beaten twice a month. I can say I was a shy nice guy until my ex did all those things to me and changed me for good. Im Tired of you no good women ruining us good men and then wanting us to bring you our paycheck, fix everything, figure out how to pay bills, and carry the family through bad times . You women need that beating. The woman that aren’t like that and can respect how hard a man works and not abuse him verbally, physically, or stress him out; I hope there are more like you out there and can teach the younger generation to appreciate men. Remember These words- “Treat others how you want to be treated”

  • I Hate America



    @nice guy Look, I’m sorry you had a bad experience with one person. But is it honestly fair to judge half the world’s population on one person? Should I judge all the men in the world on one guy who rapes, beats and kills women?
    Plenty of women work too, you know. My father was a stay-at-home dad for years while my mother worked as a doctor, supporting my family.

    @Makalani jones In a REAL relationship a woman doesn’t need to submit to her husband, they share common interests and make decisions TOGETHER that are GOOD for BOTH of them.

  • alec

    Thats a bunch of B.S… I live in Arkansas.

  • Hillary

    I am a woman, and yes, I do disagree with this law. And all the men that do agree with it are messed up. Nobody NEEDS to be beat. There is a solution to everything that doesn’t require hitting. My fiance was abused by a past girlfriend, and so it is not only men that do this crap. To solve an issue you must talk through it, not resort to violence. If men or women do something that you absolutely cannot tolerate, talk to them about it, and if things get out of control (such as cheating) then leave them.

  • sm1frm3rdwrld

    now i get it!!!…why america is called the land of opportunity!!!..

  • Spunky

    I beat my wife with my hand on her bottom more than once a month, and when she is good girl I tuck in a knuckle!
    She likes that :-)

  • Beatings R’ Us

    If a wife would make a decent sandwich when asked, there wouldn’t be any need for the beatings.

  • Can’t stop laughing

    I live in Arkansas and I’ve never seen anyone beat anyone on the courthouse lawn or steps or anywhere in public on Sunday or any day!!! Seriously some of the comments on this law are really ignorant.. If you honestly think this very old outdated law would actually hold up then don’t go to the courthouse on a Sunday with your husband before 8pm!!(lol)
    If you think about it if a wife is going to be beat by her husband it probably wouldn’t be out in a public area!! Most men that do beat their wives tend to do it in a private location.. So all worries out the door it doesn’t really happen in public legally:-|

  • James

    Beat their ass’s and while you’re at it get the kids for good measure…..I bet then this country would be in better shape as far as rude ass women and unruly brat that you see every day….As my Uechi-ryū instructor like to say “Pain is a valuable teacher”

  • Sangelia

    for those guys who think it is ok to abuse any woman.
    get this thru your head — We woman are NOT property.
    We are human beings that do NOT deserve to be abused. NO one deserves to be abused. be it physical, and or emotionally.
    you males would NOT like it if the shoe was on the other foot.
    how would you feel if stranger just decided to abuse a family member just because he thought it was ok?.
    treat others including women on how YOU wish to be treated by that person.
    real men do not lower themselves by abusing others. this includes women.
    just like real women do not abuse others as well.

  • j

    they probably intended it to coincide with the wife’s ‘time of month’…

  • Jason Craig

    This is prob the largest group of morons ive ever seen in a single forum.. These laws are from long!! Long!! ago. And If the cop is joking..funny!. If ur serious. You are one serious retard. There are thousands! Of stupid laws like this in all states in the U.S. They’re as old as your great great grandparents if you were born in the 70’s.

  • Akira

    As a 5-foot-one girl who’s been beaten on by her 6-foot-three brother before, I can say it hurts like shit. It’s one thing to say you should be man enough to be hit by a guy if you’re man enough to hit one. But the difference in brute strength and the damage it causes is quite different. Sure; he might have walked away with bruises, but I had difficulties walking for a week. Even bathing was painful.

  • DesertDog

    Like some bikers say, “I beat her and beat her and she still doesn’t love me”.

  • Felix

    Haha!!!! Luckly I live in Sweden with swedish laws. You americans are messed up.

  • Sexy Bear

    Felix people in America are smarter than people there because we dont have a law that says It is illegal to paint your house without a licence and if you dont believe me look it up u stupid Sweden Idiot

  • bunyan

    hhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha funniest shit ever im moving to arkansas

  • Jacob

    Arkansas is still in the 15th century, I see. What next, are they going to start killing Jews, folklore-believers, and smart people?!

  • D

    thats the best law we arkansans have.

  • gail dickinson

    hi, i wish i would have someone to beat me and make me into the woman i should be as i lost someone i loved because i would nt do as i was told so i wish i could learn to be a women a man would want and i say make me do with a belt

  • Wes

    This law is made up! Not true!

  • Boa

    I like this law so if my wife got out of line I would pull them pants and spank that bare ass to keep her in line..

  • good law

    I think this is a great law.. If you’ve ever been I’m the position where you’re woman is pissing you the heck off, you would understand why a man would want to hit a woman. So unless you’ve been there, keep your mouth closed

  • http://Facebook Kristin King

    My grandma lives in Idaho and she got beaten by her boyfriend in her apartment. I am fourteen and i don’t think thats right this is america women are not slaves. We should have the right as much as men do!!!!!

  • john

    woohoo I’m going to have to move there love that oh yeah

  • Ahhh

    There appears to be no legal authority for this story. I cannot find it in any Arkansas Code. Others have searched the law and cannot find it. See e.g.
    The exact law has not been cited in any website I have found. If anyone has any information on the code or statute allowing courthouse beatings, please provide it. Surely we Americans are more intelligent than to presume something true without any evidence? We are not sheep.
    I would think a crazier law exists in states punishing convicted thieves [who likely cannot find employment because of their criminal records] for stealing food by sentencing them to 25 to life under state 3 strikes laws.
    For instance, in 2000, repeated non-violent thief Louis Rodriguez was sentenced to a Third Strike life in prison sentence for stealing a candy bar and some cheese from a Los Angeles grocery store. After more than eight years behind bars, he died in a prison hospital. He wound up costing California taxpayers more than $100,000 a year in housing and medical expenses. (See e.g.
    Why do you think California wants the 3 strikes law? So they can bilk money out of taxpayers, or because cheese and candy thieves are so dangerous that they must be segregated in prison for life?
    Our present laws need review, careful thought and revision in many cases. We are an educated society driven by our senseless acceptance of our government’s stated “reasons” for heightened enforcement. Please become active in areas that matter.

  • Finally

    I don’t know if someone likes this law, but there are some kind of people, which should be beaten, killed legally, because they really deserve. But it must be for both men and women.

  • Jen C

    My guess is it’s been repealed and only the statute number remains (without the title showing). It also may have been in an old law chapter where the entire chapter was repealed.

  • catinthehat

    have you read the one, ”in texas if a man comes home and finds his wife in bed with another man, he can legally shoot and kill them both…the wife may not do the same, however, if she finds husband in their bed with another woman” ? I heard about it years ago, but cannot find it.

  • Basic morality

    If all these comments aren’t jokes then oh my god…. I don’t even know what to say……. Hitting people= inability to deal with issues properly+lack of understanding that our existential identical-ness makes us all, in a sense, the same person. Would you hit yourself? Why hit something that’s the exact same?

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to misogynist central.

  • Chantal Lecours

    Wow! If only people knew how to deal with their problems instead of beating someone… Well we can’t have that there might be too manny intelligent people on this planet that actually get along!!! Let’s face it, ANYONE Man or Woman that lower themselves to that kind of behavior is definitely suffering from small-mindedness!!! Which means that ya, you are stupid if you perform that kind of behavior. …Sorry to burst your bubble taugh guys but beating someone doesn’t make you smart, BOOKS do. So do yourself a favor and maybe read one on RESPECT!!!

  • KJO

    you are an idiot bro

  • Victoria

    You are very sexist & I hope no one ever marries you. They will be living in a hellhole.

  • Ansky

    Beatings don’t just fall out of the sky. Most of the time they are deserved, while on rare occasions they are not.

  • stupid laws

    what do you tell a womam with 2 black eyes……………………Nothing you have already told her twice.
    Just Kidding this is a joke

  • suribabuv

    What if the husband is a memory loss patient ?

  • the disciplinarian

    Sometimes a mans gotta get his point across unfortunately…wife tried to hit me with something…we can’t have that.. I rolled her up on the floor and stuffed her legs between mine and whipped her ass as hard as I could…about every 3rd or fourth lick she would kick out pro wrestler style and I’d stop and stuff her legs back in again…I repeated this process until she quit fighting me…seemed like an eternity…by the way she hasn’t thrown anything else at me since..ass whippings work…you libs should try it on your kids sometime

  • John Sheri

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  • taijan

    ^ you are a horrible human being

  • pieceofshit


  • Ansky


  • Castrate Abusers

    Tough guys? WTF. The definition of tough can’t be sucker punching someone half or more of your size. You could be a man and try that cowardly ass shit on me. I’ll beat you senseless then I’ll put some Seal Training to use and mentally torture you mentally until you’re begging. My girl that I cherish because the image I have of myself is intact (s#*t, forgot most of these guys don’t, so I’ll try to dumb it down for the pro-beating crowd. 90% of these monsters were either riding the short bus,, have very little self esteem, and envious of others, which leads them to to throw punch at someone they K of they can control and not fight back gives them a feeling of being strong and in control. If they were happy with theirselves(itself; theselowlifes don’t deserve to hold a title as a human) then they wouldn’t need to have Someone small and and an easy prey to win at somethimghave of intelligence or confidence to understand even a semi small world such as. mgknew of people that beat the ones they promised to cherish, but now it affects me because my fiance was finally able to get out couple years ago and we met again 1 year after she’d finally gave up trying to keep shit together for the kids sake. This little rat always said never again each time he threw a cheap shot blow

  • Abuserpussies

    Just can’t believe how many freaks are itching to hit something that in most cases won’t hit back

  • Thisguydeservesdeathbymouthra

    I hope someone raped and murdered your sorry ass you bed wetting Deushe

  • Brown Emma

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    (9) How you been scammed and you want to recover you lost money

  • Okay, but

    I think beating should be legal if you find out your spouse is cheating… I’ve always thought that.

  • Brian Rexroad

    This is such a lie lol how would they know?

  • lili

    Can I beat you if you deserve it?

  • Ansky


  • Ansky

    When there are children, you can’t just divorce without it hurting them badly for their entire lifes. A beating will solve the problem and the pain will go away in a few days.

  • E-Wrecktion

    You sir, are a damn hero. Spank dat ass with sweet justice of the alpha male law.

  • MarkWalberg

    One does not simply “talk” to a woman.

    >hey bae
    >can we talk about all the things about you that irritate me?
    (wild woman has now become irate)
    >sorry ill just bottle my emotions us for the rest of my life until i kill my family
    (wild woman accepts victory)


    >hey woman that shits annoying, stop
    (wild woman becoming tame)
    >slap across unruly face
    (woman is now domesticated)
    >make me a sandwich
    (both man and woman are equally happy)

    Alpha Male, Alpha Race

  • sandra martins


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  • fedup woman

    My husband has been beating me for years now because I ask him not to cheat and last year he beat me and I miscarried. Yesterday he did it again and I stabbed him, he is still alive with stitches on his face.

  • Leroy Ferguson

    actually he was right. there so protected now woman think they can get away with acts most men will never try with another. you ever see a man daring another man to hit them while 2 inches from there face?

  • Leroy Ferguson

    depends who bought the house.

  • Leroy Ferguson

    stop beating your children. same argument.

  • Leroy Ferguson

    i already see the women out here are high on equality. if the situation comes up where i feel i’m being treated spitefully and she cant explain. there’s no more discussion the divorce there and then is final. there is nothing else to do, there’s to much equality for me to have to stay and take the abuse.

  • Jen Engel

    I disagree my ex hit me ONCE, I put him through a wall. Another guy snuck in and tried to rape me while I was sleeping, I put his head through a wall. Third guy punched me when I stopped him from hitting my sister, I grabbed him by the neck and slid his ass up a wall. Do not mess with me or mine!

  • Kathleen Flacy

    Or you could get your lazy ass up and make your own stinking sandwich just the way you like it.

  • Brittany Thomas

    You sound like a typical Texan! This is a free country, pig! We can do or say what the hell we want!

  • Brittany Thomas

    What about all the men that have treated us like dirt?! Is that acceptable behavior?! No, and you know why?! Because those men actually get off on messing women up! I recently had some stupid guy tell me I wasn’t supposed to argue back! So let me get this straight: I’m just supposed to sit there and be verbally abused and not defend myself?! Like hell I will! You start chewing me out and I will go from zero to botch in 2.5 seconds!

  • Brittany Thomas

    Excuse my typing, sometimes I hit a wrong letter.

  • Brittany Thomas

    Oink! Hypocrites!

  • Brittany Thomas

    I hate that chauvenistic, I’m tougher than you attitude! And I hate Texas!

  • Brittany Thomas

    Really great! A female chauvenist! That’s just as bad! You should be beaten to see how you would like it! Then maybe you would change your tune and get some compassion! And grow a heart while you’re at it!

  • Brittany Thomas

    That’s because you think that women are all stupid, weak, useless wastes of skin and bones, that is unless you want to party or fuck us!

  • Brittany Thomas

    Rick James, you are a serious asshole! You deserve any bad thing that happens to you! May bad karma follow you all the days of your life and into the afterlife as well!

  • Bob

    My wife verbally abuses me, hits me when she gets really mad, breaks things, yells and tells kids lies about how much I care for them, yells and screams about how she has to clean a few dishes when the day prior I cleaned the floors, microwave, tales chairs deck garage Dog mopped floors cleaned dishes 2 loads and she screams about a few dishes she has to clean! She also screams about how I don’t make enough money to support the kids when all and does with the money is blow it on nails hair clothes her car alcohol and cigarettes. This woman doesn’t desErve something as nice as a beating.

  • Call me dad

    There is alot of filth in this world! Both men and women can be to blame for this hell that we’ve created, is the fate we deserve

  • Alexander Lowenstein

    this everyone is called a troll if u fuel this troll he will keep coming back hhahahaha

  • phantomspots

    “nice guy”… unfortunately, I don’t think you were ever as “nice” as you think you are. There are bad people of both sexes, but if you allow ONE EXPERIENCE with a member of the opposite sex to shape your entire view of the world AND to break your own personal moral center, then that speaks badly of YOUR weak character. Real nice guys are nice because they want to be in control of and be content in themselves, no matter how they’re treated. They choose to be nice because it’s the right thing to do, not because anyone owes them that. Men and women both could learn to STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE FOR YOUR WEAKNESSES.

  • phantomspots

    BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Its a pity to be that oblivious.

  • phantomspots

    Why not?

  • phantomspots

    Is Texas secretly Afghanistan?

  • phantomspots

    It is factual that people who beat their children also need professional help, because they are also sick in the mind. How is that an argument? Shouldn’t we want to stop both?

  • phantomspots

    I propose a law so if my husband gets out of line I can pull those pants down and spank that sweet ass to keep him in line…

  • phantomspots

    BWHAHAHAHA!!! Your melodramatic pathos amuses me. You are in for such a rude awakening when you die, bro.

  • phantomspots

    What we have here is a failure to communicate. Honestly, what all you butthurt dudes don’t realize is that if you can’t effectively communicate with your significant other about issues without interrupting, name calling, yelling, etc., then you have the maturity of a 5-year-old and you need to GROW UP and take a breather and be patient and learn to talk to each other about difficult things with respect, because that’s what healthy adults do. Hitting or violence is how a baby reacts, because they can’t get their words out. So essentially, this page is full of whiny, insecure little babies. It’s Lord of the Flies in here. What is wrong with you, dudes?

  • phantomspots

    If a husband would make a decent bowl of ice cream when asked, there wouldn’t be any need for the beatings. I want my f*cking ice cream NOW.

  • phantomspots

    I think this could be a great law… if you’ve ever been “I’m”* the position where “you’re”* man is pissing you the heck off, you would understand why a woman would want to hit a man. So unless you’ve been there, keep your mouth closed.


  • Ansky

    I’m not your wife.

  • phantomspots

    If you were, it would only be due to a drunken Vegas hookup, so thank you God for sparing me that nightmare. What an ugly wife you’d make.

  • phantomspots

    She does not sound like a good person, she needs just as much help as an abusive man would need, and I would support you leaving her just as I would support a woman leaving an abusive man. NO ONE of either sex should have to endure abuse. I’d hope you could find a way out without becoming angry or disillusioned enough to believe that a law like this AR crap is a good one. Violence only begets violence, and your violent thoughts make your situation no better.

  • phantomspots

    I agree, I would beat my husband to kingdom come *sarcasm*.

  • phantomspots

    Trollolololol… you’re right, you, my friend, would only be in pain a few days, I’d toss you some Aspirin.

  • PoetLover

    Why is that battered women are always really nice, have the house clean,
    dishes done, clothes ironed, and “normal” women that aren’t battered
    don’t do sh!t except talk $hit on facebook, betray you, and cheat on

  • Andrew Chapman

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  • Heather Kacho

    It’s easier to enact new laws rather than repeal old ones, yes this is still on the books; however, assault is illegal regardless of your relationship to the injured party so don’t expect any exemptions for spousal abuse based on a law that is now moot. What may be more disturbing about this outdated legislation is its enactment was to protect women. Men already had total dominion over their wives at the time, the law was to curb the actions of men whose “disciplinary” measures caused permanent damage rather than behavioral modification. -H

  • Stacy Brown

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  • brooke

    Agreed. Both genders can be horrible. Its about finding someone who values you and your relationship. Being a good spouse is based on respect and love. If she cheated she didnt love you so let her go and find someone who does. She did you a favor by cheating. She said she didnt respect you or value you so she let you go so you could find someone who does. But blaming others and acting like all women are to blame is ignorant. You obviously arent as nice as your brain tells you that you are. Nice guys dont change because of something someone else does to them. A nice wholesome man never lowers his standards of himself for something so trivial.

  • abusedgirl

    Just because you’re mad at you’re wife or whoever. Or if she has done something wrong doesn’t mean its OK to hit or abuse a woman or man. Their is NEVER a good enough excuse to beat a human being.

  • SuperTroller

    You call it abuse, in reality it’s correction.

  • SuperTroller

    Or to put it another way, it’s abusive only when undeserved, which is rare.

  • goandkillyourselfbeatingsrus

    Trash like this like to spew disgusting crap to get attention which is sad but it is unfortunately seen everywhere she now life’s have nothing better to do while they’re not making crystal meth in their trailers for the moment. Oh well..everyone thinks they can say what they please..let this idiot feel like his tiny d**k grow a couple of inches bigger by saying such stupid trailer trash ignorant comments, his life is probably very miserable as it is so if this pathetic k ind of s**t makes him feel big for the moment than can’t unleash trash lol

  • yourprobablyhaveathreeinchd***

    Trash like this like to spew disgusting crap to get attention which is sad but it is unfortunately seen everywhere with sad lives that have nothing better to do while they’re not making crystal meth in their trailers for the moment. Oh well..everyone thinks they can say what they please..let this idiot feel like his tiny d**k grew a couple of inches bigger by saying such stupid trailer trash ignorant comments, his life is probably very miserable as it is so if this pathetic k ind of s**t makes him feel big for the moment than can’t untrash trash lol

  • yuppers


  • gooddecentperson

    You also probably own slaves as well and think the holocaust never existed too. People like you eventually shrivel up and die slowly and painfully descending properly to Hell where you belong.. only a matter of time as it always is but before you go from this world you can continue to entertain and amuse normal decent people with stupid, trash, shallow comments which is only to be expected from your kind.

  • verylame..verylameindeed

    You are amusing as Hell! And seriously what kind of stupid scum actually “thumbed up” this comment..I mean really..People are so stupid so honestly as I stated to previous comments there is nothing good to be expected from people like you so comments such as these are not a surprise whatsoever…

  • wow..seriouslygetaclue

    Your an idiot why would you stay with him apparently you enjoy it in a sick depraved way otherwise you would have some sense if you had any respect for yourself and leave like you should.. don’t expect people to feel sorry for your ongoing stupidity and bad life decisions.. your suffering and in your own Hell because you choose to’s pathetic and disgusting. I hope you don’t have poor children who would be forced to grow up in such an unstable and terrible household with two stupid parents..

  • beatingsonbothendsarenotfair

    You are absolutely right and I agree with you 100%! Thankfully there are kind and decent people who post here in order to express concern and possibly help out people as well as truthfully speaking for the rights and wrongs and I wholeheartedly condemn you for it. It is definitely not fair to abuse or hurt on both ends in a relationship which is why you should desperate in order to heal yourselves, live your lives appropriately and take your innocent and always observant children out of the situation and negative environment prone to destroy and scar. That would be the only way to correct or at least alleviate the matter for everyone.

  • woops

    Forgive my stupid kindle not “condemn” but condone

  • phantomspots

    Clearly reading comprehension is NOT your strong point! Welcome to
    the magical world of SARCASM! Really, why do people not pay attention to their
    surroundings? Your pedantic vitriol is bordering on crazy, man, but I
    forgive you, because if you took me that literally then, yeah, your
    douche alert should be ringing.

  • EllynArkwright

    Have never believed in the supernatural or talk less of spell or even voodoo. In my head there was nothing on earth that was ever going to get me involved in such thing but life as we know throw s**t at your door and some how the doors opens up and let it strike you. ************* About five years ago if anyone had asked me if i trust my twin sister with my life, believe me i would bet my life on it that i can. I couldn’t even bring myself to think that my twin sister can put a knife at my back Yes i know everything about our childhood and youth age was always about who is better that who in everything and frankly i was better that me in academic aspect of life. I was smarter more skilled that her but this ought to be no reason to want to have every guy that was dating me or should it? cos the last i checked twin protect themselves not try and hurt the other. That was what my twin sister is all about. Even though we looked identical she was cuter than i was. She had her way around boys more that i did. Like she knew how to get what she want in whatever way she wanted it from both boys and girls. I don’t know, she had a way or rather she was good at messing around with peoples brain not like in a psychic way, it was more like all about her body. In other words you can say she was very sexy, attractive and hard to resist. I have always had to work very had to get what i want but she, things just falls in her lap without having to labor for it. She falls for every guy she knows i like. I mean every guy i dated in high school broke up with me to date her and it was really hurtful for me. I thought it was just high school and boys cos in college it wasn’t like that and for the first time in forever, not that i thought but the comparison between us over. Some how the old life we had arose again this time it happen that the guy my sister fell for, fell for me and i fell for him also i made sure it was okay with her before i went on the first date with him. I don’t want this to seem like a story so i will just cut to the chase. My twin sister was having an affair with my long time boyfriend the every guy one we both fell for but picked me. I mean i only found out the day he told me was no longer want to be with me that he was in love with my twin sister and he has been cheating on me with her. This was after four year of dating. I was heart broken and i wished to God that he had told me he was sleeping with me and my twin sister when our relationship was still young i would have like always, backed down and let them bask in what ever they think they were doing. But no they waited and in the process i fell deeply in love with him. I mean who wouldn’t fall for him he was cute caring and always knew what to say at the right time. I know i ought to have been mad at him for what he did but i was more mad at my sister for what she did cos i mean if she had turned him down he would have left her on her own and she was not even sorry for what she did to me. she became my twin sister in high school all again wanting to hurt and ruin my life steal the man i love. Heaven knew i was in love with this guy and hating him was not even an option for me all the hatred was channeled to my twin sister cos some how she made him hers. I lived in pain for a whole year having to see her face every family thanksgiving day with the man i love sitting side by side kissing him and hugging maybe to piss me off or something it only made me hate her more and more desperate to get my boyfriend back. I got him back finally yes i did, but i can fail to say i did not use the normal way. Metodo Acamu help me cast a spell to kill their relationship and rekindle ours to how we were before they started their affair. In case you asking asking yourself how possible it is believe me i don’t know and won’t tell you i understand cos like i said i never in my life thought it would result to me using a spell or something but there is one thing i know is that the spell worked for me and made my love fall in love with me again. There not much i can say to emphasize how the spell worked all i know is that i was asked to get some materials for the spell of which i was to buy and go present the materials myself to Metodo Acamu or send over or send the expenditure to him to get the materials need for the spell. To me it was less expensive to wire the cash to him to get the materials cos they are the expert in it. But i know in the end METODO ACAMU pulled through with the spell and made me whole again. Like honestly my main purpose for writing this was to let those out there know that other comment about METODO on the internet is really cos here i am tell you my story it can get anymore real than it is already. I can never forgive my twin sister even though i have got my love back. Use this email address as METODO ACAMU contact {metodoacamufortress @ yahoo. com} note, do not space this email address when contacting him……..

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  • Robert Jensen

    i don’t beat up my wife if I think she needs to get beat up I will have another woman younger and bigger beat her up like last week I had my ex beat her up for flirting with some one else

  • Kathleen Flacy

    Those good, decent women are already taken by good, decent men. I think you lost the lottery, bud.

  • sarah

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