No one may keep junk close to someone else.


The storing or keeping by any person within the Town of any old articles or materials which may be classified as junk, adjacent to or in close proximity to any public building, public park or grounds, business buildings or residences without first providing fully enclosed buildings for the storage of the same, shall be deemed a public nuisance. It is specifically provided that trash, garbage and refuse and trash, garbage and refuse containers, barrels and cans must be obscured from view and not accessible to scavenging animals. It is further specifically provided that “junk” as referred to in this Chapter shall be expressly deemed to include, without limitation, any motor vehicle that is incapable of operation under its own power. A motor vehicle shall be presumed incapable of operation if it has remained in one location for a period in excess of thirty (30) days.

(Ord. 16(1968) § 1: Ord. 15(1968) § 1: Ord. 18(1966) § 2(b))

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