Any common piper or fiddler, juggler or magician may be sentenced to jail (Repealed)

Chapter 116 § 2

Sec 2. All rogues, vagabonds, lewd, idle or disorderly persons; any person going about begging; any person using any subtle craft, juggling, or unlawful game or play; any person pretending to have knowledge in physiognomy or palmistry; any person pretending for money to tell destinies or fortunes, or discover by any spell or secret act where lost or stolen goods may be found; any common piper, fiddler, runaway, stubborn servant or child, common drunkard, night walker, pilferer, or person wanton and lascivious in speech or behavior; any common railer or brawler; and any person who neglects his employment, misspends his earnings and does not provide properly for the support of himself and family; may be sent to the house of correction in the town or county in which such offence is committed, and for want of such house of correction the common jail of the county may be used for that purpose.

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