An exception to the no work on Sunday law is that light bulbs may be sold.

Title 53 – Sundays, Holidays and Other Special Days
SECTION 53-1-50. Exceptions to prohibition on Sunday work.

Section 53-1-40 does not apply to the following:

(1) The sale of food needs, ice, or soft drinks.
(2) The sale of tobacco and related products.
(3) The operation of radio or television stations nor to the printing, publication, and distribution of newspapers or weekly magazines, nor to the sale of newspapers, books, and magazines.
(4) The operation of public utilities or sales usual or incidental thereto.
(5) The transportation by air, land, or water of persons or property, nor to the sale or delivery of heating, cooling, refrigerating, or motor fuels, oils, or gases, or the purchase or installation of repair parts or accessories for immediate use in cases of emergency in connection with motor vehicles, boats, bicycles, aircrafts, or heating, cooling, or refrigerating systems, nor to the cleaning of motor vehicles.
(6) The providing of medical services and supplies, nor to the sale of drugs, medicine, hygenic supplies, surgical supplies, and all other services and supplies related thereto.
(7) The operation of public lodging or eating places, including food caterers.
(8) Janitorial, custodial, and like services.
(9) Funeral homes and cemeteries.
(10) The sale of novelties, souvenirs, paper products, educational supplies, cameras, film, flash bulbs and cubes, batteries, baby supplies, hosiery and undergarments, flowers, plants, seeds, and shrubs.
(11) The sale of art and craft objects at arts or craft exhibitions held pursuant to SECTION 53-1-10 provided that each art or craft object shown or sold has been designed by and is the original work of artisans present at the exhibition.
(12) Exhibition of noncommercial real property and mobile homes.
(13) The providing of any service, product, or other thing by means of a mechanical device not requiring the labor of any person.
(14) The sale or rental of swimming, fishing, and boating equipment.
(15) Any farming operations necessary for the preservation of agricultural commodities.
(16) Light bulbs or fluorescent tubes.

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