Adult bookstores may not sell alcohol.

Sec. 6-11-21. Alcoholic beverages–Prohibition, exceptions. (a) No person, association, partnership, corporation, or other entity licensed under chapter 6-11 (section 6-11-1 et seq.) of the Code of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section shall serve, sell, distribute or suffer the consumption or possession of any intoxicating liquor, beer or wine or controlled substance upon the premises of any licensee. Any licensee whose license was granted prior to the adoption of this amendment shall not be subject to the amendment until January 1, 1998, at which time all licensees within Athens-Clarke County shall be subject to this provision, including those licensees licensed before the effective date hereof. (b) This section shall not apply to nor prohibit the live performance of legitimate plays, operas, ballets at mainstream theaters, concert halls, museums or educational institutions holding a license, which derive less than 20 percent of its gross receipts from the sale of alcoholic beverages. (Ord. of 11-4-97, § 2)

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