You may only shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow inside the city walls and after midnight.

  • Scott

    How old is this law?

  • person mc person

    ummm… is it me, or is there no such thing as after midnight? i always thot that after midnight, it was considered early morning. if this is true, then wouldn’t that make 12:01 and over technically before midnight?????

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  • qwerty

    uh… wy would we shoot a welsh person with a bow and arrow within the city walls after midnight?
    I mean ROFLMAO

  • If you type in English Person into google, you’ll find wiki C-word page. Thats why. ROFL

  • RockBell

    I thought this law was applied to the Scottish not the Welsh…?

  • Bruiser

    I too thought it was the Scottish. who thought it would be against the law not to shoot a welsh (or Scottish) person with a bow and arrow within the city walls and after midnight!!!

  • Sam

    Scots can be shot in York

  • Andrew

    Pshhh, thats my daily routine

  • Andy J

    FALSE!!! From the BBC website: Evidence: The claim comes from a gruesome order issued by Henry, Prince of Wales, in 1403. After Welsh uprisings in the city, the prince demanded that the Welsh be “driven without the walls of the city”.

    The prince, later King Henry V, said: “no Welshman, or any person of Welsh extraction or sympathies, of whatsoever state or condition, remain within the walls of the said city [Chester]… under pain of decapitation”.

    Verdict: Myth. The prince threatened the Welsh with execution if they did not leave Chester. Fortunately for Welsh people, even if this was intended to incite the people of Chester to kill, the prince’s order has since been superseded by murder and manslaughter laws, as well as the universal right to life under the Human Rights Act

  • jennacide

    I know what I’m doing if I visit England

  • garth

    shame gun law is so restrictive in the UK

  • derek

    I’m from york and i know what I’m doing next!