You may only have one child, or a massive fine will be imposed.

  • i think this law is stupid b/c if a family wants to have a baby boy and they have a baby girl they might want to keep trying till they get a boy! or they might want to have a boy and a girl a belive they should atleast get to have 2! 🙂

  • TianJing

    this is not a stupid law. China has a massive poulation problom. its hard to walk down the street even in the smaller towns/cities. this is solved by that abortion is perfectly legal and quite commen. so if you dont get the right sex you want, get an abortion. (And before you christians start yapping, most chinese are atheist or taoist, so shut up.)

  • billy jean

    amen to that!!!

  • Lady Shaina

    I say too bad, be happy with what you get. if you got a boy then be happy, if you have a girl be happy too. And stop worrying about your surname going extinct! what the heck does it matter?… Plus, what happens when you have twins?… It’s barbaric to have to choose one over the other.

  • Su8perkillr

    Isnt this also intervering with their fate? Like drowning?

  • Vibeke

    I have been told that its is not illegal to get more than one child, you just have to pay for all that the 2. child needs, like education and trips to the hospitals and such, where the first child will get it for free or for a very lower price that the 2. And since it in chinese culture (like in so many others) is more honorful to get a boy as your firstborn, many people will, when they get to know the sex of the fetus and discover that it is a girl, get an abortion which I have also been told is illegal, so the people will go and get a dangerous abortion at a medicineman or whatever. Or they will carry the baby and when it is born, kill it and throw it away like garbage. This is not something that happens so much in the cities, but in the countryside. But i have recently heard that they should have removed the law, because now they are seeing that it went wrong, since so many people have chosen to get boys over girls, there are simply not enough women for the men to marry.

  • me

    They chanced the rule. If you’re first born child is a girl you are alowed to have a second. This is done to lower the chances of killing the babygirls.

  • Nunya

    Didn’t they make an acceptation of like 3 kids?


    Chinese farmers have killed their baby girls because a boy is much more helpful on a farm

  • hAHA


  • Kait

    what if the person has twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Akash

    I don’t think it’s necessary. China is a huge country much bigger than Bangladesh or India but this type of law will never be implemented in those countries because of human rights and democracy.

  • peanut

    If you have twins kill the other one.
    Easy as that.

  • Håkon

    Of course this law is necessary! Although China is a big country, they currently have a population of nearly 1.4 billion, which is approximately 1/4 of the worlds population (probably more, because people do not register successive children to avoid the fine), so they have a problem with massive overpopulation!

  • Krista

    Well that’s weird. Me and my older brother were both born in china. Haha I guess I was illegally born (:

  • Qiao Na

    With a currrent population of 4.3 billion, the law is a big help in population overgrowth. Without the one child policy which is an exeption only to minorities (groups of Chinese who`s population is dwindling) the population would have a worldwide effect on resources. I recently read an article stating that because over the past few years Chinas population hasn`t been increasing quite so fast and there are 3 million more males than females, they are considering removing the law. However, that is only a possibility and that might not be a possible solution.

  • AMS1492

    Apparently if you have twins or triplets etc, you get to keep both of them. There’s even a day where they celebrate multiple births, because they’re so special with the one-child thing.

  • Eric

    Check your facts, Qiao. China has a population of 1.3 billion, not 4.3.

    Most people, from what I have heard, drown their baby if they have a girl, in order to carry on the family name, and also to help with the overpopulation.

  • Walter

    As a foreigner in china, if you are a chinese national that makes up a part of the Han people, you are only allowed to have a second child to try for a son if your first was a daughter.

    If you have twins no taxes apply.

    The taxed amount is dependant on the city in which the parents are registered inhabitants.

    If however you do not make up a part of the Han people, in other words, are a person from one of the ethnic minorities in china, there is no limit to the amount of children you are entitled to have.

    The reason for this law makes total sense, in that if the population is allowed to increase. Exponentionally as it did in the past, no one would be able to provide the chinese with basic human neccesities such as water, food, etc…

    Do your research before making stupid comments… IDIOTS

  • Aaron

    To bad there is no “like button” for you Walter so i give you 5 internets

  • Aaron L.

    And if you have Siamese twins?

  • Christian1

    Ok this is to tianjing if ur mother got an abortion u wouldnt b here rite now atheist or not ur a murderer so be liberal but its wrong think about it ur killing babies

  • Nicholas Everhart

    I tink it is an ok law, but abortion is one of the most ignorant things that China or anyone on planet Earth could do!!!!!!! TianJing, really think about what christian1 said.

  • Merc

    Hey, christian1. Just because you’re a right to lifer doesn’t mean everybody has to be. Learn to write proper english and accept that there are other ways to do things. You don’t have to like them, but if you don’t understand WHY some things are done the way they are, I suggest you LEARN to first. True understanding is something your KIND yeah, I say your kind, because there’s way too many of you like-minded folk out there that need to step back and open up your minds a bit.

  • Michael

    Twins is that ok????

  • Derp Derpington

    What if you have twins?!?!

  • Mass Bortion

    Nuke em

  • Economist

    Actually this law was a poor way of handling the population growth because now there is only 1.7 people in the younger generation to support every 1 person in the older generation. when in most countries its 5 to 1. Now the older generation will be more of a burden on society simple because there is not enough young people to look after them.

  • Todd

    Wow, really people. Relax. Look around the world, there is a Chinatown in EVERY decent sized city on the planet and there are countries outside China where Chinese are the ethnic majority. Why do you people think that is? Oh I know, it is because there are a lot of Chinese. There is no possibility of them going extinct, and for those families that want multiple children, they move in with their relatives living in a foreign country, get a job and settle nearby. Simple solution to a not that difficult problem.

  • Usagi

    To be quite honest this law has both a good side and a downside to it like many laws. The downside would be that many just don’t have the money to pay for a second child, especially if they really want a boy. And so this is where death “accidents” takes place. Also, the # of boys are MUCH more than girls and yeah, guys, best to either go to a foreign country or turn gay 🙂 LOL And I know, “Why are guys more important then boys?” Well… Boys can inherit the family business and name. Also, the Chinese has always just respected males more than females since the ancient times. So don’t get too upset girls 😉
    The good side to this is, well… it helps decrease the population growth. I mean… come on! China is like 1/4 of the whole world. If they don’t control it now, later in the future China just might be 1/2 of the world or more.

    Few Notes based on things I heard or experienced
    -From where I was born I believe it was around 150,000 or 130,000 Yuan Fine just for my mom to have me.
    -Some don’t go to the extent of killing the “unwanted” baby but instead abandon it. My aunt found my cousin near a trash dispenser place and she chose to take my cousin under her wings and raise her as her own. So for those who keeps on saying that Chinese are heartless (because of the incident with the poor little girl getting ran over and over again by giant trucks and no one helping her and other incidents)that is not completely true! Yes, some are heartless but don’t all countries have those types of people? And I’m not trying to defend those who didn’t help the little girl but just giving you the reason why they did such things. Many in citizens are poor and they don’t have the money to take the little girl to the hospital. If they were to take the girl to help, they would have to pay for all the expenses and they just don’t have the money for it. So there you have it. I’m not trying to defend those people and say it fine. I’m just giving you the reason.

  • Sexy

    This is sooo screwed up, man!! Y cant u be allowed more than 1 child…and what if u get twins???
    STUPID LAW….the government should remove it ASAP!!
    Only jerk politicians make such stupid laws!!

  • Hannah

    What is this? A HADDIX book?

  • Akira

    Look; I’ve a female friend from Su Zhou (A province of China)…who’s the third kid in her family. So no; it’s not absolutely illegal. Maybe there’s a fine for it, but the state won’t force you to terminate your pregnancy; for God’s sake. And it’s expensive to raise a kid, so people may not want more than one in the first place. The problem of China’s overpopulation is also very real.

    If there’s something you want to complain about, why not China’s common practice of job eligibility based on height? Even for lawyers, bank officers and waitresses.


  • AMX679

    At least China is contributing to the lack of overpopulation, especially when they got the most people.

  • Im a person

    That law has actually changed, now a family can have a second child if one of the parents is an only child.