You may not sing in the bathtub.

  • This law is very, very, stupid.I live in Pennsylvania and I am shocked that our state government is serious enough to put this as a law. I hope it is not enforced.You can visit my blog and read more about this.Thank you.
    Katherine’s blog

  • Alexa

    I agree but how will the government know if your singing in the bathtub? Do they have hidden mics? I live in Pennsylvania too and also hope they don’t reinforce it because… WHO ON EARTH WANTS TO BE FINED FOR SINGING IN THE BATHTUB?!?!!

  • person mc person

    hmmm… finally a way to arrest random ppl in a way that makes them confused… hehe…

  • kristal

    this is so stupid how do they now what they will go to your house everyday to see in your singing and then they will ARESST YOU what is up with that!!!

  • biebz

    i live in pennsylvania and i think this is the most dumbest rule ever. i know tons of people that sing in the tub and they didn’t get arrested.

  • Cinnamon

    lol i know what i’m doing this weekend 😀

  • what if you’re doing it very quietly? what, will your parents turn you in? Plus, don’t even think about doing THAT, Cinnamon.

  • William

    I’ve been arrested for this at least twice.

  • Arthur

    Well, I think, the law says you can sing as long as you are not out of tune.

  • My teacher told me about this and I was a bit skeptical about it. So here I am now, looking at a dumbass law.

  • kfc!!!!!

    ok william i have one question howwwwwwww do u get arrested for that