There is no age of consent.

  • Barbara

    Untrue. It’s 13…kinda.

  • Steve A.

    Although the age of sexual consent in Japan is 13 years of age, prefecture law usually overrides federal law, raising the age up to 18.

  • jr.

    its actually 16 does anyone kno any1 from japan its 16 for women 18 for men

  • AlextasiaVladimerovna

    oh, EW.


    actually 16 for women/ 18 for men the the legal age to be MARRIED, with parental permission. 21, the age where you’re considered an adult in japan, is the age to get married on your own.

    And none of those ages deal with when it’s legal to have sex, which according to the federal government is 13, but in many areas local laws make it higher

  • Anonymous

    If there’s no age of consent, by that wording of that statement, wouldn’t that mean that sex in general would be illegal?

  • Nelicar

    I just have to point out that while TRISHA is accurate she did make a slight typo in that the age a person is considered an adult in Japan is 20, not 21.

  • oH guAwwd

  • Stocazzo

    There are no adults in Japan.

  • Marty

    Also, though strongly controlled, it is LEGAL to have lolicon(child porn).

    Strange thing for such a sexually repressed culture no?

  • Tomas

    Marty, in what way is Japan sexually repressed? Please explain your comment. I’m curious what you’re basing that statement on. As an expat living here for 16 years, I’ve found Japan has far fewer hangups, restrictions, and sexual discrimination than what is generally found in North America.

    The guilt factor just doesn’t exist here, except among the unfortunate minority who actively practice Christianity.

  • Maara

    …So then it’s no longer legal to fire people simply for the reason that they’re gay?? Also the portrayal of gays and transgender people in the Japanese media is very discriminatory last time I checked (I did a paper on it for my Cultural Anthropology class last year).

  • X

    Sexual repression and a lack of sexual diversity are two different things, you originally state they are repressed yet give and example that would relate to sexual diversity

  • A person.

    Lolicon is only considered child porn in Switzerland. It is legal to own all across the world as it is drawn/animated.