Stealing a horse is punishible by hanging.

  • Rebecca Wirtz

    The penalty for Horse theft and cattle rustling should be death by hanging

  • Sheila Totten

    I agree.At least make the punishment that of a capital crime.Had one rustled recently and if I find the thief…

  • virginia

    You all seem to have a bit to flap your lips about
    which does no good. get a petition going and make it a law or shut the hell up.

  • The intent of the Legislature at that time was to place the most severe penalty to fit the most damage this offense could cause on the victim. In that day as to today, a Horse was the difference between life or death! The average person earned less than 125.00 Dollars for the entire year, if that, and the cost of a good horse, a good breeding Bull, or a breeding Cow could cost close to a whole years wages. This was a time where there was no welare, no Section 8 housing, no unemplyment, no Medicare or Medicaid. Many people starved unless a neighbor or Church congregation helped out. So hanging was a great way to instill social order.