Since 1173 it has been illegal to die.

  • Vibeke

    what they gonna do about it? : P

  • Woman

    OMG there are so many outlaws there, can you even imagine 😀

  • ashley

    everybody dies tho so they r trippin

  • person

    what kind of stupid dude made this up

  • Matt

    Oh Gee! i’m dead and now im going to jail…. just wow

  • Sarah

    what are they gonna do? rob ur grave?

  • person mc person

    … well… im guessing u need a gas mask if you work in a prison, the stench must be horrable there. and one more thing…um…i think this might be a logical response as to why this is a law. maybe they didnt have room for graveyards in a huge city like italy, even tho i dont think it was huge in 1773, so they encouraged people basically by saying “go die somewhere else”. and to keep people from commiting crimes cause pesonally,i cculd handle a jail cell to myslef for ten years. i couldnt handle a jail cell for ten years if five of my roomates were rotting!

  • marcus

    Italy…what a great huge city, person mc person!

  • Nunya

    Can they fine you in heaven?

  • Brandon

    Just like America your family is punished when you die look at death tax it’s real. Maybe I should report that one. 55% of your possessions or money has to go directly to the government before it can be passed on. Don’t plan on dieing or your family will pay for it.

  • aeckle

    @person mc percon: did u really just call italy a city?? lmao

  • what r they gonna do freakin kill u ur already dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! geeeez

  • None Of your buisness…lol

    They are so stupid! U cant help it if u die!!! Its a fact of life that everyone dies!!! Gosh!!! And person mc person, ITALY IS NOT A CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People are so stupid nowa days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hehe..

    dis is crazy… itz not mah falt when i die.. sooo uhh forget about it brah?! mah daddy not goin to jail..XD

  • Jess

    I’m thinking this is more of a “it’s illegal to commit suicide” thing. It’s probably been translated wrong.

  • namelesshobo

    c’mon guys you know what person mc person meant leave them alone

  • fruityfluff

    The sentence for such crime is…DEATH!
    Oh, wait…

  • Darren

    To everyone calling person mc person an idiot for calling Italy a city. You are idiots, this law is listed under Italy > Venice.

  • Phoebe

    They can punish your loved ones.

  • Soccerstar

    What are they gonna do? Put my dead body in jail? >.<

  • alex

    so basicly, anyone who has ever died there is an outlaw.

  • CountScott

    ‘Die of heart attack’ That’s it!! We’re gonna hang this one!
    Also, Darren… Venice is the Capital of Italy…

  • poop


  • jenny

    one word:WHY????????????????????

  • Maggie

    CountScott Rome is Italy’s capital city and Venice might be romantic’s capital

  • Christine

    LOL if only it was changed so that something protected you from actually dying, then the place would be massively crowded

  • Anthony

    Soooooo, how do they enforce that?

  • jesus

    Harsh but very fair they are sinners

  • jaqi

    tht isnt the full law. the full law is that it is illegal to die in the house of parliament (UK)
    or else a royal state funeral is immediately given to that person

  • Dudley

    Thanks Jaqi for letting us know some more. A little ignorance is a terrible thing.

  • outerring

    this must have been made to fix their zombie problem.

  • Me

    Punishable by death……

  • Master

    What is the punishment anyway? (If I could have given it a little bit or care)
    Perhaps back then, people thought that others can die if they want to!!

  • jammo

    im guessing this means if you are in serious pain you can’t commit suicide…?

  • Katniss, Girl on Fire

    Whoops, I just died. Mr. Venetian Policeman, please don’t fine me!

  • oh no im dead! officer take me away!

  • BC

    I think I’ve heard of this before… I think it has something to do with the cemetary being over-crowded.
    I have the solution:
    We should take the cemetary… And push it somewhere else! /shot/

  • Uh, correction CountScott: ROME is the capital of Italy. VENICE is called the capital city of ROMANCE.

  • harold

    Punishable by death

  • Brian

    Simple, just leave the City Limits. There must be a ring of geriatric hospitals just on the outskirts.

  • Me

    Well, of I’m ever told that I have one week left to live, I’ll take a one week long vacation to Venice.but that will never happen because I’m immortal. HA!

  • E

    If they tell me I have one week left to live, I’m gonna take a two week long vacation to Venice and see what happens. Except I’m immortal, so that will never happen. HA!


    What are they talking about? Are they going to punish your grave? Your Children? Are they going to kill you for this crime? Too late… You are already dead, so that would be a light punishment… Really??



  • Wow thats stupid.

  • EleiteSpartan

    Jess, your right my step cousin, Brandon, went to jail for an entire MONTH so yeah bad translation Stupid Laws

  • vielle

    I guess some kid had his parents die and he was so mad and had no idea what death was and why so he just made it illegal. Well done stupid kid!

  • Manic

    This is the stupidest law I’ve ever heard of in my entire life.

  • Just a person

    Yay! Excellent idea!

  • hahan


  • emily