You may shoot Native Americans if more than five of them are on your property.

  • DeeAnna Schumacher

    What kind of law is this crap!? who’s the idiot came up with it!?u people need to relize once & for all, this land is indian land that was stolen from them, & some drunken crackhead comes up with this stupid shit! get serious people!! no wonder this country is goin to hell, thanks to all you dumbasses who cant put the crackpipe down & do something honorable with these laws.

  • bob

    is someone pmsing about a few native americans getting shot who cares they werent smart enough to get guns or run


    Deeanna dude its obviously a very very old outdated law thats probly from the old west. Chill

  • james

    i know deeanna chill. maybe there should be a law where if there are more than 3 stupid people (you)on your property you should be able to shoot them

  • i reckon that dem there native americans should be lit up my my 12 gauge if they set foot on my lawn

  • wow……

  • hata boi

    well thats not friendly

  • Tim

    well they shouldn’t be on our land if they don’t wanna get shot

  • Ashlyn

    not true any of thise are on true and i am from Iowa and they are false

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  • I got the Nom Noms

    I would like to Nom Nom Nom on peoples skin 😀

  • Dont’ shoot them. They might just be interested in buying your property… to build a casino on…

  • peanut

    eeewwww Nom Nom your disgusting
    nom, nom on my kaka stained ass.

  • KayKay

    Did that law count babies as people? At least they weren’t sexist in making that law, saying native men. But rather, all native people, young, old, female, male.

    Native people are the only ones that are going to survive, after modern society collapses under it’s own giant head! Because this is their homeland, and they are the ones that know how to live with it.

  • I’m from Iowa and I can honestly say that almost no one would actually do this. Calm down.

  • Hey now! I think we should take advantage of this here law! And while we’re at it, let’s get them damn niggers too!

  • litamyra

    hey tim they were here first so i say they should shoot you.

  • Ashley Miller

    I think this law is very stupid and racist. This law should be against the law!!!!

  • I think that this is a great law. indians are a waste of space that drink too much booze

  • Boxxi

    Wow. youre all kinda ridiculous..
    I go to school with Natives. about half of my school is Native American. They are people juss like the rest of us. So you all can suck my wanggg(: Kayy thanksss.

  • Native outlaw

    Damn stupid ignorant comments….u go right ahead n try n shoot my native ass I’ll shove my arrow so far up ur ass before u even get a chance to pick up your shootgun..we r the original hunters u forget we taught u how to get the food I on our land….lmmfao…ur so jealous tht we make more money from my percaps, from you drunk ass at my casino..keep it up skippy don’t be suprised when ur ass gets scalped..hhaaaaa…thanx for ur support

  • Native outlaw

    You can’t even guess how many white ppl I meet tht wanna b native..smh its always…my great grandfather was full cherokee..get real. U wish u was blessed..n I’m speaking for the natives tht work hard for thier money not wasting it away on alcohol …smh….n this is an iowa law lol fucking meth country capitol…n who is smoking it n selling it?? Still living in a funky broke down trailer…u can bet it ain’t my ppl or even black ppl..

  • Bamajammer

    Damn we need that law here I’m sik of seeing drunk indians begging in front of walmart when I go in.

  • Best friends with several Native Americans

    Wow….this is totally outdated and even if it was true AT ONE POINT IN TIME(!) it is no longer in effect, hence the fact that it is on this website. It is true that white people (aka “my people” since I have European ancestors) have been incredibly cruel and delivered undeserved punishments to the Native Americans. We can’t change the past, but we can make the future better by not having the same views as our ancestors

  • Native and proud

    Almost all of your are imbeciles, are you really so naïve to believe that we’re on YOUR land, clearly you didn’t pay attention in school. You’re on OUR land, or at least what’s left of it, come on, really, not smart enough to get guns? Well to any of you hunters out there, or fishers for that matter, we can do that year-round without a license.., and to the people assuming we live in wigwams (tipis) we are in the 21st century! that’s like saying you all milk cows or are forced to wear skirts past your ankles (females) and sadly, majority of us CAN’T shoot a bow properly (I can but I was raised by my grandparents half my life) and we aren’t poor, I bet half of you were struggling students at one point, I never was… hell I went to Yale and I am well off… rant over

  • King konrad

    i hope this apply’s to everybody and not just native Americans.but why does this law exist in the first place i mean who in hell came up with this idea?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • leon francis

    We of the eastearn tribes of thlawe Alguonkie people still have a law that is in the booaks.aa If u shoot and scalp an indian u be payed 20pieces of silver its the french who started that tradition if u want to shoot sumbody shoot them

  • jesus

    Ha die non belivers die

  • JJ

    i shoot 5 year olds that come near my car if thats what they mean

  • Last of da Risen dead, ja heard wut I said!

    @ I got the Nom Noms: Stay away from the bath salt homie!

  • surrounded by idiots

    This Law was created just after treaties were signed. Native Americans were still sending war parties to raid in the Midwest. It was determined that they always came in a band of five or more. The Native American leadership at the time wanted nothing to do with these reckless war parties and helped to fashion this law.

    Yes it was never technically “taken off the books”. Laws in general are not taken off the books, but instead they write a new law that invalidates of changes the old law most of what you see on this website are laws that no longer have any teeth.

    If your going to get angry about events from many of years ago make sure you have the facts fist. Yes it was never technically “taken off the books”

  • Jon keen

    Lol to the person that said the land was stolen. One it is human nature to conquer other people and land. The Greeks, Romans and other civilization had done it through out history. It’s not our fault that u could not protect it. It’s funny how the losers alway bitch. Get over it. Isn’t life so much better now. We gave u beer,guns,tv,sports ect.

  • debi

    @Jon Keen
    You cant be serious, if you think life is better breathing smog, eating trans fats, drinking alcohol, catching all the disease that the white brought over with them, (not to mention the pestilence) trash everywhere you turn, concrete beneath your feet etc..etc..etc, You’re a complete fool! What are you thinking that if the whites wouldn’t have come over here that time would have just stood still and no progression would have happened my IQ is at 183 I think if no one else would come up with some form of advancement in 500 years!! I’m sure I or another like me could make a difference. Who’s to say? You act like we’d all be living in tipis still, I just can’t understand how a someone is ok with publicly announcing how dumb they truly are, some people are so full of themselves! My father was full blood Pomo and my Mother was 3/4 pomo her father was an Irish rapist who was known for his great career choice as a counterfeit!
    Oh yes such a blessing we got right? As for your dumbass remark about sports we’re the ones who taught your boring asses sports! You steal talent and art from every other culture and claim it as yours.
    You and those who think like you are the ones with empty refrigerator in your front yards and piles of trash in the back, and an uncountable number of cats and dogs that hang around that’s what I see in just about every white neighborhood! If the trash isn’t outside is inside nasty ass people and lastly if its not inside the house its inside the heart. Trash no matter what inside outside or just the people themselves! MAKE ME SICK!!!

  • Bruce

    When I die I am leaving this planet and all you and yours to
    Hate on and fight for or against whatever. Indians had some sense a half millennia ago but not enough to stop fighting one another. All people’s from corners have a history of destruction, whether self or towards others. I’m done preaching when I die I am just leaving. Hoping the best for all of you and remember karma does tend to bite you if bless you in the end.

  • i think its a stupid law because they are people too, and they blead and feel just like we do. whoever made up this law is very ignorant and arrogant and has no value for life.

  • Yo



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  • witeisright

    But yet commercials of Indians need money to go to college get real

  • Nut


  • katie

    oh dam u people are so funny i would shoot indians and niggas as long if they aint my friend or unless they try to hurt me oh if they do that i will become president and stone their ass 🙂

  • katie

    <3 lol 🙂 😉

  • risen from the dead

    Us Native Americans did get our land taken from us in the pass, but that only made us stronger. We now have an education and learned from our mistakes. You may call us alcholics, which wouldn’t mean anything because not all of us are addicted to alchol, and the ones that are can be guided. In this day of age us Native American post the biggest threat because just like every other socity that was ruled by Caucasians, this one will also fail.

  • ‘Degot’ee’ to all you dumbass racist people out there. I am an APACHE an I say if you wnt to shot me I would like to see if you can. We are no different them anyone else. Yeah we may have a drinking problem, but that is not all of us. We deserve some repect and this law is crap!! ‘ashoog’ to all you bad hearts and bad seeds.

  • I’m native you guy are dumb ass fuk u all t-_-t

  • native nation

    To Jon keen fuck you i hope someone take what you have and love kills it in front of you and make you watch it and than smiles at you and say oooh im sorry her let me give you shity land and shity food and put you own reservation and destroy everthing you have while i continue to destroy your earth with beer, trash and drugs and anything i can think of that will destroy you even more lol but dont be mad at me thou. I hope you read this because you are so fucking stupid!!!!!

  • Steve

    Bob remember Custer when confronted we stood are ground if you read your white history . whites attacked and slaughtered Indians in mass after forcing disarmament and treaties signed and broken. Stupid whites such as you believe you are above others when you claim god created everything on this earth including the earth so you will answer to your maker why you choose to destroy what he created . I would love to be there on your day of reconing

  • Shibbity doo

    Hell yeah! I am moving to Iowa!

  • Person

    1.White people stole Native American land and you white people calling it your land is ridiculous.
    2.Native Americans were not stupid. White people gave them infections and made them do things that they did not understand because of different languages.
    3. You shouldn’t say that some one is acting crazy or that they need to “Calm down” because they find this law disgusting because if that were happening to a white person you would be saying/acting the same thing/way.

  • gorktrude

    Frankly this law kicks ass and makes perfect sense. See what they’re like without their gabapentin… nah jk

  • Jimmy 72

    Jeesus!!! Are all americans so stupid? You are living whole the time in fear of a new 9.11……shooting people in afganistan, Palestinia, africa and god knows where. You have problems of Your own….Solve them and then start shooting around the world!!

  • little eagle McGowan

    Pretty surprising how many of you still live in the illusory state that somehow we Native people are “Indians” …a kind of sub human species…..Einstein said
    The difference between genius and stupidity is….genius has its limits …..he was right …..stupidity is infinite.

  • Rye

    U Indians are lucky we didn’t kill u all when we stole your land .. I tell u one thing if we could go back and do it again you would all be dead.

  • drake

    dose it count if i am native American too then i could shoot my self and it would be legal.

  • drake

    could i shoot my family if i have more than five kids?

  • Bowzer

    I think it is a great law, if any of you have ever had to live around these crybaby drunken pricks, you would what them off of your property anyway you could get them off. How long are these people going to bitch about the white man before they finally get strong and take control of their own lives, it’s really easy to blame everybody else for your own mistakes and being a loser buy your own hand. Make a difference, feed your brain go to school do something besides take art classes, and rise above all of this if you can’t stand it anymore. I’m just saying you need to wipe your own ass!!

  • And use your own toilet paper you made out there on the reservation, don’t even think about using the white man’s toilet paper or any of our tissue paper to wipe your tears you damn crybabies. Keep dwelling on the past and complaining about what don’t have. If you didn’t have the white man to blame you would find someone else to blame , it would either be the black man the Chinese man, some other man besides the drunk man in the mirror. Nothing in my whole life has ever come free, I would trade you lives any day of the week. Laws will always be changed or reworded to catch up with this over growing population of losers and then scan pussies like yourself just get over it already

  • Foghorn leghorn

    Hey ya hi ya hey how are ya

  • Watchoutwhitey

    You may also shoot a caucasian if there is only one on your property on the reservation.

  • Watchoutwhitey

    So do what you will with that

  • Jake

    If you go back and you shoot first once you got off the boat you would have been kills off instantly there were more natives than there were caucasians you need to go back to 5th grade


    Its called trespassing I would definitely shoot anyone who poses a threat to me and my family no matter what race

  • Mr.Shwe

    well not to be rude, only popular sport that came from native americans was lacrosse, which really isnt that popular.. and youre telling me that if white people never came, native americans would still be living like before? yea right… youre the complete fool for thinking so, times change and if you think there wouldnt be smog, and other things you are clearly mistaken. you should be lucky white people even gave you reservations, i mean look at the african american race, they were taken from their own land and brought to another continent and i dont hear them complain as much as native americans… get over it.

  • scoby

    you mean the reservation that they pay for because you won’t get off your self entitled ass?

  • bipolar monkey

    I would love to see all the people making racist and uneducated comments get together with one of the Native Americans posting here and read their comments aloud. See how small and insignificant you are, using language and themes so unbecoming to any rational person. You are so proud of your skin colour and have such high thoughts of yourself, but what you fail to realise is how low you drag yourself down being so bigoted and cemented in your verbal diarrhea.

  • Mimi

    Learn how to spell “you” and learn the difference between Indians (from India) and Native Americans. Idiot. I love how most whites still act superior even though many of them are morbidly obese or just straight up crack addicts. Now, stop being angry at everyone else for what your mommy and daddy did to you as a child.

  • Mike-El

    “pay” for. Let’s not forget this entire country is Indian land.



  • Greece732

    I am Caucasian, however, I agree. Everyone in the world has an equal chance to succeed and fail, despite the color of their skin. Then you have once again, all these insulting, self centered racists who have no right to claim what they do, that are caucasian and they go and make themselves fit into the monstrous image they created and say still that they are better.

  • James

    Before white people we never had locked doors or sickness or needed reservations we lived in peace we didn’t even have alcohol so remember wat kind of people brought all this to these great people

  • stephanie

    what even?!

  • thunder on red clouds

    only a greedy self-entitled empathy-absent white asshole would say something like that knowing the history…you realize that ”reservations” started as POW camps that natives were confined to under the threat of being shot to death, and that ”they” were starving them to death there already?

    hence the old term ”he’s off the reservation” when someone nuts up and goes haywire.

    natives deserve all the back rent fucks like you can afford to pay and then some. go fuck yourself you privileged cunt.

  • thunder on red clouds

    so do I when we are now equally armed and still far better fighters than you ever were.

    please see me and my family out and about and raise a gun at us.

    Try that shit now and see what happens.