Seven or more Indians are considered a raiding or war party and it is legal to shoot them. (Repealed)

  • i think thats really mean to say bout indians


  • bubba

    HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moemoe

    it has been repeled so that means it no longer exists, when the law was in act was when the indians would go and raid and kill local farmers and people

  • Neo

    Even if this is a “dead” law that still hurts!

  • Nunya

    Wow I’m partially Indian and it kinda hurts but this was when Americans were even mor retarded than today(thinking black people weren’t actually people)

  • F2

    AMEN!!!! The only good Indian is a dead Indian. As we say in Canada

  • Shut up.

    This was a law when some Indians WERE raiders and murderers. Yeah, Americans were stupid but we had a reason to fear Indians, especially in a group! And guess what?! I’m part Indian, myself! SO STOP CRYING ABOUT A STUPID LAW THAT ISN’T EVEN A LAW ANYMORE! Seriously, just stop you’re pathetic and attention seeking.

  • Indian

    Indian laws are always stupid.

  • MontanaFarmKid

    As someone who grew up in Montana, here is another interesting fact about this law. It was more or less forgotten and lost until 1999, when the legislature went through the entire law books and updated them. The act to repeal this law is the fastest act to pass any state governing body: 6 minutes from when it was discovered to when the governor signed it resolution to repeal.

    One old law they left in the books: If I student rides their horse to school, the principal is personally responsible for providing stabling and feed.

  • Fairness

    The law should still apply at times,I have to many people jumped by indians abd they should be able to defend against them.

  • Olson

    Wagon burners! Indian pride, what a joke , they are really subhuman like those niggers. If we could distinguish
    Them, our country would be great again. They cost the taxpayers many billions. There considered like cancer . Gen. Cook said. The only good fuckin Indian is a dead fuckin Indian.