If you are released from prison, you must be given a handgun with bullets and a horse.

Allegedly, this is so you can ride out of town.

  • Zare

    It must be some useless lazy, dumb ass American who’s writing this stuff… It’s guaranteed one of those 20 out of 21 Americans who don’t know where Canada is or think that Europe is a country who wrote this stuff… GET A MAP !

  • New Zealander

    Wow. Zare’s comment just goes to show that non-Americans can be as ignorant and bigoted towards Americans as Americans can be about the rest of the world.

  • bob

    hey i resent that statement us americans love french fries there from france, we also like ice hockey go canada :}, we americans eat tons of pizza which is from italy believe it or not, sure we dont like russians but thats another story, Mexico and china have some amazing food, and its called a map so we do know were u guys live and who cares about canada anyway. So from america fuck off

  • Sophie

    Hey, lots of these laws are from way back when, and are long gone. Perhaps someone read this in a history book. Why does it have to be a stupid American? We all get free education as opposed to some other countries. Thumbs up to New Zealander.

  • american

    hey zare, you obviously know nothing about america. idiot.

  • Kitsu-chan

    Oi, Zare! Not all Americans are lazy, useless, dumbasses. Automatically assuming they are only makes people think that YOU are a lazy, useless dumb-ass.

    And what does thinking that someone in Europe wrote up these laws have to do with getting a map? Canada and Europe are an ocean apart.

    Next time you want to write a racist comment(because yes, assuming that all Americans are lazy, useless, dumb asses IS racist), make sure there aren’t people of that race or culture on at sight. K? It’ll save you a shit load of flames.

  • james

    why isnt anyone talking shit on canada?
    canada’s the most worthless country on this planet and thats what this laws about in the first place

  • Rielly

    Hey, James, question for you. Are you an American?
    Probalbly can’t even find Canada on a map, and you’d also do good to remember that it was US the Canadians who kept you the dumb ignorant Yanks from completely losing in WW1, WW2, Korea, and the Gulf, and also we are the ones wasting our lives in Iraq, just to clean up the mess you fucking pigs have made…

  • Sarah (america)

    STOP BEING RACIST YOU ASSHOLES, i dont CARE what race you are!!! if your nice, your nice, if your a lazy asshole, your a lazy asshole, I DONT CARE so STOP DISSING God damn it!!!

  • Lee-Ann

    Sadly this law is still active in Alberta.
    Also, what I find sad is that in a time when so many countries are at odds with each other, Canadians and Americans are seemingly at odds with each other as well.
    As for Canada being completely worthless, I think James may want to check up on history, since Canada is the ONLY country to successfully beat the Americans on their OWN soil. As well as burn their original capital to the ground.

  • Bob

    Wow, so much ignorance on both sides of the border.

    Lee-Ann, that’d be the British using only British units. If a few stray Canadians were in their ranks, I hardly think that makes for a Canadian effort any more than the no doubt dozen other countries represented in the British regiments that burned and looted DC, nor do I think Canadians would really want to take credit for such a pathetic act. Of course, it was in response to an equally despicable sacking of York by the U.S. earlier.

  • person mc person

    well, as an american, i can perrsonally say that yes, most of us are lazy, dumbasses, mostly for letting ppl like Zare into our country… anyway, i personally think that every country has its own flaws as well as its own strenghts. but we dont need to compare eachother because you arent goin to convince anyone of your exact idea. its your intake on a country, not someone elses. so stop fighting cause honestly, its pointless. what have you EVER gotten from fighting other then someone being pissed at you or another enemy? argueing is only an angry way of expressing your views. and views cannot be forced onto another. in fact, arguing only makes someone pissed and make them start another fight later on because of you. it only makes a tree effect. you start, then u get two ppl mad. they each get two ppl mad and now you have four. and so on. thank you if youve read this far for looking at my view on life.

  • person mc person

    ๐Ÿ˜› aht leesetah mai lawng powst stauped da feitin yo… lol (at least my long post stopped da fighting)

  • Adam

    Oh goodie I get to comment. These are my credentials I was born in Canada and lived there for 18 years. Now I am in the US and serve in the USAF (that can be explained by a temporary laps in judgement on my part) but anyway, it is true that alot (not all) of the general American population are ignorant. It is, however, not entirely your fault, I will only be forced to call you a fucktard if you fail to admit it. On the other hand Canada has its share of fucktards as well, of course not as many because we have 300 million less people so there are bound to be less assholes. Both Countries have about an equal ratio of population to fucking horrible drivers. GET OFF THE FUCKING ROAD!!! And both countries hate each other basically equally as much. “waa waa socialism is taking over, blame Canada” “America fucks over ever country it has set foot on with its foreign policies”. Though, I think we can all agree that we hate the french (if anyone reading this is from Quebec….I’m really not sorry….seriously your getting offended? not even the french from France can stand you pfft). in conclusion….ok I don’t have a conclusion by all means keep arguing but it is a fact based on my own experience in both countries that the average Canadian will know alot more about America then the average American with know about Canada. I don’t know shit all about any other country though.

  • brandoniniraq

    they gave you transportation and a way to defend yourself. that more than you’ll get most places these days.

    not a whole lot of on topic conversation here. why so angry?

  • oh wow i love that Canada is helping us in the war on terrisom (: thanks guys good fucking job. grow a pair and quit bitching that we took all your hockey players and your national sport and made it a phenomenon in america ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What the Fuck Adam your on my side so get on my side you troll.


    Hi, I’m from Canada ๐Ÿ™‚
    And I am here to tell you ALL, Canadians and Americans that yes, we do have SEVERE issues with each other. Americans, we have FREE HEALTH CARE. SUCK MY POPSICLE ๐Ÿ˜€
    Canadians, they have Obama while we have Harper, who’s shit, nuff said.
    SO QUIT YOUR FIGHTING. WE’RE NEIGHBORS. Yes it is a stupid law but really, guns are illegal here in Canada (unless your a hunter or farmer.) And NOBODY has a horse in Canada. Fact. I’m from Mississauga, one city over from Toronto, and it’s suburban. I haven’t seen a horse in over 4 years. Only farmers have them. We have the car.
    We can all agree that America has fucked things over (Afghanistan, Gulf, Don’t even menshion Hiroshima.) And so have Canadians.


  • Justin

    Christian- Hiroshima saved atleast thousands of american lives dumbass. That makes it not just a good thing, but a GREAT thing. And screw Afghanistan and all the middle east, Islam is ruinning the world (check most skirmishes in the world are due to muslims). And you dont have free healthcare.

    I have friends in Canada and it seems to be like a nice place. Everyone should have a gun (it would make the world a much safer place). And Obama’s an idiot. He’s continnually spending money that we dont have and raising our debt.

  • ben

    get a grip “cyrus”

    did you mean terrorism or did you mean the war for oil, water and food? omg.

    sorry if i am out of the game.

    all of you….. imagine … there was an Angel coming to earth… well – what would s(h)ee see??

    and you all expect to be helped???


  • ben

    @christian ๐Ÿ™‚

    i could tell you some ppl who have horses, sorry :))

  • mike

    only a dumb canadian would write this and the prisoner riding a horse and getting a pistol is probably smarter than anyone else in canada because hes leaving canada is so worthless the only good thing that came from canda is canadian bacon an thats not even as good as regular bacon an y do u guys al ways say eh what the fuck is that and what good has ever ever come from canada nothing

  • SammieK

    Oh my gosh, it’s just a stupid law! This website is full of them, if you didn’t want to see it, stop reading it! If it ever was a lw, it was most likely repelled ages ago. Stop getting your knickers in a twist.

    And now we that we’ve established that Some Canadians hate Americans and vice versa, can we move on?

  • one of the good things about this law is that if you give them the hand gun and they don’t have they’re restricted licence u can arrest them again for being illegly in possession of a restricted firearm. its actually a brillient way to keep criminals off the streets.

  • Hawke

    Americans/Canadians are not a race, they are a nationality. Therefore no one here is being racist, just ignorant.

  • Steph

    Thinks the world will be a better place when everyone comes to see there is only one race, the human race.

  • Ringo

    Well said Steph – the idea that we are different races because of skin color is about as intelligent as the idea that eye color or hair color constitutes a unique race!

  • I don’t get why people are hating on each other just cause they are from different countries. true this is a stupid law as are many other laws in both America and Canada and everywhere else. Also true that there are many stupid people everywhere in the world no matter where you go. by saying that everyone in a country is stupid because of a select few is just showing how stupid you are. this law was made a long time ago and for all any of us know it is possible that there was a good reason for this law. Unlikely but possible. People need to stop judging people on things as trivial as thier country, there should be a law that says you must meet everyone in a foriegn country and form an unbiased educated opinion of the people that make up a country before you can insult them.

  • Shawn

    Justin…that is probably the most arrogant thing I ever seen…”Islam is ruinning the world (check most skirmishes in the world are due to muslims)”…seriously, your going to blame a religion for the acts of terrorism? Pathetic…if you want to get into the details, Christianity has killed more people than any other religion in the world. There is no need to slander anyone based on race, color, or creed…it is there actions that determine who someone is.

  • Marlboro


    go holland go ;p!

  • Heather

    It’s an old law and it’s not a Canadian law. It’s a provincial law and it was made in Alberta. At that time most of Alberta was just cowboys and indians. Since I have spent a night in a cell here I can tell you no one gave me a gun or a horse in the morning. Actually if I got caught carrying a gun or rode a horse through the city I would probably get to spend another night. Hope this helps straighten some of the arguing out on here. I live here I know. It never applied to the rest of Canada.

  • Salesman

    I’m a telemarketer (I know you all hate me) and I sell vacations. We call both Canada and the US, and let me say I LOVE Canadian leads. They’re so easy to manipulate and are very susceptible to suggestive speech. Every time I get a Canadian I get excited because I know theyre going to want to buy a “holiday” They also laugh at the dumbest jokes like “dont forget to bring your sunscreen!” which isnt even a joke. I dont understand why they always laugh.

    Anyways, I love you canada, you’ve made me a lot of money

  • Cody

    considering the large majority of 7th graders cant even pick out their own state on a map, theres definately reason ppl say things about dumb americans, obviosuly not all of them are. But the amount that are completely ignorant about the world really is surprisingly high

  • @Cody

    *World, really

    Dumb Americans? Where do you come from if I may be so bold to ask.

  • Elliott

    Just think. This thread of comments are illegal in over 200 countries punishable by death. Look it up. Only in America, Canada, Europe and a few other countries have the freedom to express their opinion. It’s America’s 1st Amendment Right. “Freedom Of Speech” Keep it up. It may spread to the rest of the oppressive world.

  • @Mike

    Wow. Where to start? “only a dumb canadian would write this” and that’s not discrimination AT ALL. Plus, a so called “dumb Canadian”(capitalize, please) would know that this law definitely does not apply now. “the prisoner riding a horse and getting a pistol is probably smarter than anyone else in canada because hes leaving” Interesting. Where do you live? “canada is so worthless the only good thing that came from canda is canadian bacon an thats not even as good as regular bacon” You’re forgetting the telephone (Alexander Graham Bell was a Canadian, in fact a major phone company in Canada is named after him), not to mention insulin, which is responsible for many saved lives of diabetics. Oh, and basketball was created in a gym class in Canada using a peach basket, hence the name, do I really need to continue? “y do u guys al ways say eh what the fuck is that” First, where did you learn to spell? Second, we don’t. And when we DO say it, it’s like “huh”. “and what good has ever ever come from canada nothing” I repeat: telephone, insulin, etc. Next time you want to piss off the second largest (geographically speaking) country in the world, do some research.

  • Anon

    Seriously? Why are you all hating on each others countries? half of the comments i read are about you guys talking about how some other country than your own is worthless. EVERY PLACE HAS PROBLEMS, and you are just making it worse. KEEP YOUR INSIGNIFICANT OPINIONS TO YOURSELF.

  • Matt

    Hey people! Remember americas number 1in the world
    #1 in the world for total crimes
    #1 In the world for rape
    #1 in the world for co2 emissions
    #1 in the world for divorce rate
    #1 in the world for teen birth rate
    #1 in the world for heart attack ( aka obesity)
    #1 in the world for McDonalds restaurants
    #1 in the world for plastic surgery
    #1 in the world for prisoners
    Wow you really have a lot to be proud of
    Sincerely, you just got owned by a Canadian 13 year old

  • Cloe (Canadian)

    listen all of you americans who read this. You know NOTHING about Canada if you’re just gonna bitch at us Canadians, and just make fun of us! and all the Canadians who wanna bitch about America. Grow a pair and suck it up! not all of us want to hear these nasty comments! so if you all would stop going against eachother, that would be highly appreciated! Kids (like me) go on this site! And BTW. I’m 12 and I am abviously way smarter than you bitchy, lifeless, country haters that won’t shut up!

  • Proud American

    Really people? I was having some good laughs reading the stupid laws from around the world (I think that is the purpose of this site ) and then I came to this page and saw the ignorant post from Zare (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/hatemonger). I don’t care if your American or Canadian, I am dissapointed with all of you as a fellow human being.

  • JAY

    OMG I LOVE THAT LAW I SHALL AND WILL OBEY AND SHOULD YOU PEOPLE OBEY THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gollem22

    Well I belive Canada and the United States are at war. First US created Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, then after years of silence Canada retaliated with Justin Bieber. Currently winning the war is America with their latest in musical warfare Rebecca Black.

  • Laura

    Hey, I’m from Canada and just so everyone is clear, this law is no longer in effect. It is a very old Albertan law, and this doesn’t happen nowadays.

  • gollem22 plz dont bring up that bieber fag in the defense of canada. of all the many things that canadians have to be proud of you mention that worthless piece of shit. Quite frankly as a proud canadian im insulted.

  • Kyle

    Seriously. There’s a fucking lot of stupid people on this thread. First of all, MOST Americans are arrogant, stupid, fat fucks. MOST. I didn’t say all. Most of them think that Americans the greatest country in the world. Trust me. Its far from it. As for Canadians I’ve never thought of them as being stupid or anything, but to be honest a lot of them who post on here are. Kinda letting the side down. Im from England, Im aware im gonna get some people dissing England now but seriously, everyone always thinks every person in England is posh. Come to England. Be educated. Were far from posh, the only posh people left in England are in London. Maybe a few further down south. So do yourselves a favour. Stop being dumb cunts and read about places before talking a load of shit about them.

  • ThatChick

    @Bob – French Fries actually come from Belgium . . . They’re called Pomme Frites or something like that. Please look that up.

    @Kyle – how many times have you been to the US? I’m just curious.

    To every US Native on here getting their dander up – STFU and GTFO. Most of you are just trolls who wouldn’t understand what a mess your own country is in if it smacked you in the face.

    To the Canadians that are getting bent out of shape – you all can STFU too. Nobody is perfect, so calm the hell down.

    Dear gods, just chill and watch some good movies together or something.

  • A person

    But you guuuuuuys~ Canada and the United States are like, brothers or something. Hell, in at least one of the many series that depict countries as people, they ARE brothers!
    And also, England is kind of like their overbearing mother who decided to stop being overbearing after the first child ran away from home.

  • HAckkz

    USA is way better than canada but ill admit we have our flaws to

  • Neckon

    Heh, this law was obviously formed in the ooold spaghetti west! I think this law isn’t stupid but actually TOTALLY AWESOME.

  • Alice

    What the hell people? Everyone who has posted on here (with the exception of a few) is ignorant. Half of you probably don’t even know what the fuck you’re saying. You’re just spilling out a bunch of bullshit. There are ignorant people all over the world, not just the US, or just Canada. Although, I am an American, and I’ll be the first to say that there are a lot of ignorant dumbasses in America. Seriously, if you’re an American, ask some people around you. I bet some of them can’t remember the last book they read, if they’ve even read one. I know loads of people who have graduated high school and have never read a book! I’m not saying all Americans are stupid (or I’d be calling myself stupid), but a lot are. And Canada has its fair share of ignorance also. And so does every other country in the world! So quit trying to act like your country (be it the US or Canada) is the best country in the world. Besides, this site is so people can have a good laugh. Not for ‘mine is better than yours’ bullshit arguments.

  • alex

    who would write this crap, then expect people to belive it

  • Emily

    uhm, it’s actually a law ( i live in canada) we learned this in civics. it’s a really out of date law, but at the same time it hasn’t been abolished. so all i know, is that because this law is still in effect, if i ever go to jail, i’m requesting this ! LOL

  • Push

    Lol at everyone getting all pissed at an old, silly law.

  • Stop sinking the world U.S.A. … Keep fucking the economy, starting wars and not finishing them, thinking if you toss a bomb it’s a great thing so long as a bunch of meat sacks in the states can live in an obese fashion till a ripe age of 60… You fail at life and you’re failing at world monopoly too. Go bankrupt and let Mexico have their land back so the world can be a better place again.

  • Ronnee

    DOES ANYBODY UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF WE’RE ALL HUMAN?!?!?!?! Good fricking monkeys!!!!! We’re all entitled to being dumb at least a million times!!! So, american who’se yelled at Canada for being stupid, shut up nobody likes you. And every Canadian whose yelled at an American for being stupid, go and die in a hole nobody will notice!!! I can’t stand people who think theyre better than everybody!!! What do you wanna bet that every mean post here is posted out of prejudice?!?!?! We’ve all been raised to be kind and forgiving!!! Why can’t we make it work???? Hmm!?!?!? You had better answer me! Cause I sure as hell don’t get it. But I do agree. Obama sucks… And this is coming from the mouth of a 13 year old American girl. So, Zane, or zaze or whatever the hell your name is, or that 13 yr old Canada dude, or the americanswhose posts I haven’t read yet, listen to me when I say this. FUCK OFF EACHOTHER!!!!!!! NONODY ENJOYS YOUR STUPIDITY!!!!! WE DONT APPRECIATE YOUR VENOM FILLED WORDS. Ass holes fill the world. I know that, but it doesn’t mean u have to be one of them. And I don’t know much about Canada, but I’m sure it’s a great kind country!!! As for the U.S. did u know that without the american’s money donations, most countries economies would fail???!!! So, let your predjuiced selves burn in hell. We weren’t made to be asses all around… I hope you leave EACHOTHER ALONE!!! And Imean both countries!!!!!!!! Fuck!!! Children much!!! GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronnee

    Great post alice

  • Ronnee

    Quit being predjuiced ( not sure I spelled that right…) all of u are ass monkeys, unless you’ve posted to stop the fighting!!!!

  • Annonymous

    Although there is a lot of hate on here, I find it rather entertaining. Trolls have a bad reputation, but reading these arguments over pride is like watching a good comedy! Also Ronnee, the U.S. is not the only country that lends out money to other countries. Canada has a good share of money lending as well. In fact, Canada has lent a lot of money to the U.S. as well. Trust me, Canada is far from perfect, it is practically illegal to be homeless.(There is a law in Toronto that makes it illegal for you to live in your car.) On top of that, we have Harper as Prime Minister… I preferred the Paul Martin government, back when our federal debt was decreasing, just as you would miss your Clinton government (for those of you who were alive and remember it.) If you’re going to continue ripping at each other, at least TRY to keep it entertaining. Also, we DO have free health care (just making that clear, we never pay at the doctor’s office and we never pay at the hospital either. My grandmother was at the hospital for a medical check up and to run tests just last friday and saturday and we left without ever having to pay any bills, other than for parking.)

  • Emily

    As an American I’m damn proud of the values I have and a lot of the accomplishments my country has made. At the same time, I’ve been in Canada one time on a road trip with my mom and sister and the only thing I remember about the experience was my mom getting pulled over (for having a brand new, $500 radar detector which the cop confiscated) and my mom drove off after getting her ticket and yelled “Fuck the Queen!” out the window. She swore she would never go back into Canada and she hasn’t since. One bad experience made my mom passionately hate an entire country. If you ask me, that’s the exact opposite of what America is supposed to stand for. America is not perfect by any means. But that’s no reason to talk shit. Deal with your own problems and then pass judgement on us. And of course both the citizens of America and Canada are prideful and defensive of their country. If you have a house full of child abusing crack addicts living next door and they start talking shit about your family of alcoholic sex offenders you’re obviously going to defend your family. It doesn’t mean your family is right, it just means that they’re yours and you love them no matter what. (By the way, I’m not saying that Canada is full of child abusing crack addicts or that America is a family of alcoholic sex offenders. It’s a metaphor.)

  • Tam

    Okay people calm down. Seriously. I’m Canadian. Maybe if you guys stopped all the stereotypical comments from each other we could all agree that the point of this law was set when horses were the basic mode of transportation. Yes it could still be an active law, but the chances that it would be recognized and accepted would be most unlikely. How many Canadians actually know about this law, and intend to use it, really.

  • Stephan

    This isn’t a stupid law. Though you might change it to a car/motorcycle, and a handgun with bullets.

  • James

    Hm, from the looks of it, it would appear a good portion of you are assholes trying to defend your nation. As a Canadian, I am proud to have the second largest geographical country as well as every single other thing that Canadians have been involved with, but I don’t act like it gives me the right to say all Americans are dumbasses. I’d wager that right now at least a quarter of the people flaming in this thread are just being massive trolls trying to get an emotional response from you patriotic types.

    Also, I think I’m the only one here who recognized the comment about Hetalia.

  • Debbie

    These laws are awesomely hilarious. Some might be “Grandfathered” for those of you who doesn’t known what that means..It’s old and on the books and still could be in effect…so watch what you do

  • kyle

    wow an they saay they have goood health care now they have stupid laws

  • Yey

    good now we kill people

  • I’m going to canada now…

  • amairicah

    Oh god the ignorance in the comments, it hurts. No one can justify their nation over another. Yes, there is a large amount of ignorant and stupid people in the U.S. It’s inherent from our shitty education system, because the government believes military spending—which is in the trillions, making education look like an ant—much more important. That’s not to say no other country has their share of dumb, sheepish mouth-breathers.
    Canada has puzzling laws that still exist (like this one). But that is because they originated a while ago, and have been disregarded. No one will give you a loaded gun and a horse after getting out of prison. The U.S also has its share of crazy laws, like not being able to carry an ice-cream cone in your pocket.

    Anyone who tries to demean an entire country based on the actions of stupid individuals is the real ignorant dumbfuck.

  • Wow, I’m an American, and reading all of these dumb posts are just showing everybody else how ignorant both sides are. If the Canadians were as smart as they “say” they are then they wouldn’t be arguing about something as STUPID as this, I mean they would be smart enough to leave us alone…I mean its dumb to think that even that 13 year old guy up there^, was the one that said all of that stuff. Why don’t you get a life you self centered jerk face that can’t even come to realize, we are way better than Canadians. Of course we might be overwieght but that just means that we are fully fed, So what we are who WE WANT TO BE! At least we have a plan laid out for our future, and we are willing to fight for what we believe is right. Thanks. Melinda Myers of America(:

  • Watzisface

    I honestly feel dumber after reading all these comments. Please all of you trolls just shut your face. Thank you, that is all.

  • Chad

    After taking the time to read the “stupid law” along with all the STUPID COMMENTS, i’ve come to the conclusion that this site should have an effective date of the law being passed along with the date of termination. Reason for this? Because if you dont have all the information you get a massive amount of morons competing with each other on who could embarass their country the most. Please give it a rest, it’s pathetic. I hope you take my humble opinion seriously. Best of luck.

  • FireGirl

    you make a great point, chad.
    it is kinda stupid how people argue over such a dumb thing

  • Dudley

    I am from the greater New Orleans area which owes a debt to Canadian Bienville and to the Cajuns which the British kicked out of Canada. I believe we should all get along.
    The comments calling people racists should not happen. Why? Because if you look at both countries they are filled with various races. Think before you write then you might not be wrong.

  • X

    Matt, I don’t love America myself. However, you should research a little more. America is #57 worldwide for rape and Canada is #23. China is #1 for Co2 emissions. And lastly, America is #13 for heart attacks, #1 for obesity. Canada has free health care but America is still a good country. I know you’re only 13, but you shouldn’t be in this. Or anyone else.

  • me

    statistically 9 out of 10 americans dont get this joke..

  • MasterMind

    What in the world are you doing in these comments exactly?

  • Dave

    Well, just to let everyone know, I just got released from the Niagara Detention Centre and I have to say my gun is fully loaded and my horse sturdy. Also American is not a race, it is a nationality.

  • Johny Reb

    So, Canada has apperintly saved America’s ass in WW1. How can this be so when America joined the conflict late in the war to end a stalemate between the allied and central powers( noteing that Canada was already involved in the conflict beforehand) it was because of America’s intervition that the war ended.
    Yes Canada took part in WW2 but only fought in the European theater of the the war when America fought in the European theater but also fought Japan virtually alone.
    So Mr.rielly I do bleave you need a history leson.

  • aussie

    Mean while in australia they give out emus and a boomerang ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Hunter

    I am sorry for the idiot who thinks french fries are from france. I am american and I thank Canada for giving me Canadian Mapple Syrup and Lacrosse

  • Hunter

    and Canada and USA (noticed I did not say america because NorthAmerica is Mexico, United States, Canada, I feel like i am missing someone) Our countries are equally great and we are friends in the goverment, because if we were not one of us would have attacked by now. So..
    ……..JUST BE NICE!

  • Hunter

    And one more thing Zare about you first post name 7 countries if Europe is not a country

  • zachary

    Ok fucking read this post. It’s not a fighting topic its supposed to be responses from the Damn law. And to get on your topic, all of you idiots who are defending countries but attacking others are idiotic biggots. There will always be stereotypes there interesting to read, but recognize that stereotypes are just a misconception . Every country is not perfect for example I live in America basically the source of all of the stereotypes, and I look past them, there are assholes everywhere and I can name a bunch here, but there are also goodhearted people here i can pick those few out, but every country has some good things and some bad things , no matter what you here. This is all pointless fighting, so just fucking stop guys.

  • Jake

    Sweet it’s my turn to join in on the fun, I’ve spent a good 30 minutes on the toilet reading these comments and one stood out, it’s from a guy named”Matt” who is apparently a 13 year old Canadian who dissed America but never did his research and his logic is kinda flawed. His comment about the US being number on in all these bad things, the easiest one to spot was stupid was number 1 in prisoners, well maybe we have different laws and maybe they are punished differently, I don’t have any statistics on these though just simple logic. Yes we may have more prisoners, but when our population is 300 million more than Canada and I think the number 3rd in total population that might be wrong though. Now I’m not say America is the best in fact I have serious thoughts about moving I Vancouver or Toronto after college because of the economic instability in America. So I’m not hating on Canada in saying this Matt kid is stupid and didn’t research which I bet some of his other facts are probably wrong. I love Canada, lacrosse is te national sport which I play, and hockey which is my favorite sport it would be a dream come true moving from Texas, so i actually want you guys to keep arguing its funny lol but I’m impartial during this I just wanted to show this kid how stupid heard ignorant hes being I know most Canadians aren’t like that in fact more Americans probably are

  • Dale

    I swear this was supposed to be a funny thing?
    Now it’s just a bunch of people fighting about imaginary lines. Great.

  • G Thang

    Trolls trolling trolls? COUNT ME IN!

  • nikki

    Your not proving anything,to anyone. Let’s stop stereoting shall we?

  • Proud2Bcanadian

    Just to let all of you bigoted Americans know, we burnt down the whitehouse. So there!

  • johny reb

    the british bernt down the white house not Canada.
    but it just gose to show you that even after owr capital was burnt we still won the war of 1812. the moral of the story is, “dont piss off America”

  • Johny Reb

    I must apologize to the Australians who fought in the pacific theater in world war 2 they pulled some of the weight and defineded their land well against the on slot of japanez troops

  • Arron

    Riley, canadas military won the U.S.’s recent wars? Well canada doesnt have a military. They have a bunch of battle born kids who are allowed to tag along on some U.S. missions. And who the hell are you to criticize a whole country? Its an imaginary line wrote on paper to make people rich. Why dont you quit hating people you dont know, and put that passion into hating your goverment like grown ups!

  • Grace

    After reading the majority of the comments here and skimming the rest, I’m a bit surprised to say the least. There’s so much hate towards other contries on this post, mainly between USA and Canada. I’m 13 years old, Christian, and from the U.S. myself. Let it be known that the only posts I found offensive throughout the comments were from the Americans here who were clearly calling themselves perfect, and every other country stupid. And even those posts weren’t actually offensive, they just disgusted me to think I was being grouped into the same category as those who thought that way. Truthfully, I was not offended by the posts stating that Americans are ignorant. We’ve all seen those British, Canadian or Australian news reporters who ask Americans on the street random questions. A perfect example would be “How many sides does a triangle have?”
    “Uhh… Three? No, no wait… It’s four. Yeah, it’s four.”
    That’s a legitimate question someone asked, and the answer the American gave. However, there are those type of people that give the country a bad name in every country.
    I’m going into 8th grade. Now, not only can I name for you the fifty states and their capitals, I can find them all on a map. Ooh, so impressive. But I’m not done yet. I have the provinces of Canada memorized. I can label the entire map of Europe and Africa, and I know most of Asia. I can recognize many of the larger countries maps, and know many capitals of foreign countries. I try to keep myself well informed on current events. And I consider myself the average 8th grader.
    Anyway, onto the topic of Canada. I love Canada. I’ve been there twice, I believe, and I absolutely loved it. The people are friendly, they speak so differently that it just makes my day to hear their way to speech, and they call what Americans call “Bathrooms,” “Washrooms.” How awesome! They have the nice side of Niagara falls, which I was lucky enough to visit. It’s beautiful.
    Now onto the United States. Wow, what a topic. I’m so proud of everything our army has done for us, let me start with that, regardless of whether or not I believe in what they’re fighting for, they are incredibly brave and their families sacrifice so much. My dad served in the USAF, long before I was born, but that aside, I’m proud of him. Seeing him stand up when they play the USAF anthem and sing alongside fellow veterans is something beyond words. On another page entirely, there’s Obama spending money we don’t have. But I won’t open up that can of worms, let’s just leave it at the statement “I don’t agree.” Our country is a great country, equal in every way to all the other countries on earth. But sometimes I’m ashamed to be considered the same species as some of you I’ve heard just now. I’m not placing myself above you, we’re both equal as well. But there’s obviously a world of difference between us and what we believe, isn’t there? Isn’t that the greatest thing, to have so much diversity between us? So we should be happy with that. So many of the points you’re bringing up are irrelevant. Why does it matter who burned down the White House, or who made whom win in the war? Last time I checked, none of you were around when the original capital was burnt down. So technically, none of you did it. Stop focusing on the bad of other countries, and learn to move on. Sure, I’m disappointed in the state of my country, but equally, I’m disappointed in the state of the world, to see such hate between countries. What is the barrier between two countries but a line on a map and a different set of rules?

    And any other countries out there? Same goes for you. I love learning about the differences between us. I find other cultures fascinating. I really don’t feel any sort of hatred towards any other country. (Also, a note to England and Ireland, if you’re having trouble finding a girl in your home country, come’on over to the USA, most girls here melt for an accent ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m kidding, mostly… But really, you’re accents are awesome! I try to mimick them all the time with failed results, haha.

    Oh gosh… I’m so sorry to write you a book! I think my comment, if it can even be classified as a comment, had to be the longest here. It took me an hour to type up on my iPod. Well, I’ll leave you at that. Good day.

  • Dylan (American)

    I know I’m a little late but can’t we classify all of ourselves as American? Last time I checked we are on the continent of America? Right? So shut your traps up and get on with your lives. God bless America the land of the free!

  • djfano

    sorry dylan but I am Canadian not an American.

  • david

    Wait… Canada is to the south and Mexico is to the north right? Also, since I live in Ohio, which is one of the states bordering Canada, I’d like to ask my neighbors to the north if I can borrow some of their lawn tools?

  • Barbara

    This is definetly a old law i hate how they trick people about the laws. This is an old law. No one follows it any more

  • Stephen Harper

    As Prime Minister of Canada, I can assure you that this law is 100% true.

  • Mike Atencio

    This is a law from Nevada too. I worked as a correctional officer in Northern Nevada and we were told we had to give an inmate a loaded gun and a horse upon release. We didn’t and he sued the state. We paid him equal compensation and had the law removed. By the way, I’m American with many friends in Canada. I know exactly where it is and where the different provinces are. I have worked with the RCMP and take offense to your ignorance and stupidity ZARE and company. Obviously I’m not the only one. Go Ice Fishing and leaving thinking to the rest of us that believe in a future. I’d love to live in Canada. With all of the moron Republican’s turning our country into a Nazi/Communist state I may be moving sooner than later and changing citizenship. I’m more in line with Canadian ideals than American – I don’t recognize my own country anymore because everyone’s fighting and destroying the USA’s reputation. Still guns are a terrible thing to give to inmates. And who the Hell needs an AR 15 or AK 47 anyways? They aren’t hunting anything but a human with those. Thanks NRA Three more dead at Christmas in an Oregon Mall. Now that’s a stupid set of laws!

  • Johnny reb

    First off ,mike atencio, guns don’t kill people the people behind them do. A gun is a tool and only a tool. They do not incite violence the deranged people of this world do.
    Second, the second amendment states that we the people have the right to keep and bare arms. We have this right so we can defind our selves, and firearms like the ar-15 and ak-47 are some of the best tools to serve this perpose.
    That’s why we need and use them. So, don’t denounce the law abiding ar-15 owners because of the few deranged pyschopaths who use them for evil

  • God


  • Deepesh

    First of all I want to show the fact that we are ALL human- and that yes, there may be varieties of skin colour- or eye colour- but we are all essentially the same. So why are people putting racist comments here, and by that I’m saying judging a different country or race negatively. And yes, if no one has noticed, all countries has some problems, stupid people e.t.c, so you cant judge other countries like this. By the way- this is coming from an english guy

  • tarsieg

    I would like to thank all of you who posted, I spent half an hour reading the entire debate and it made my day. Chill Canadians, Chill Americans, and people who are hating on the people debating? Read the rules of the internet and you will find that there is a rule against feeding the trolls.

  • allah will destroy you alll

  • Elizabetha

    If the world was a jail, America would be Canada’s birch, because Canada is bigger and on top. Boy, how much I’d pay for those pictures.

  • Shirley

    I am American, and have been reading this for over an hour. Although I do not consider myself wise or intelligent by any means, (one of those reasons being I am 15) I don’t think that tearing each other apart is fine by any means. I will not call either of you bad names like, “dumbass” because I have respect for both a country with free healthcare and my own “land of the free.” They are both great countries in a world of many others. I am sure that there are many wise and intelligent Canadians, and I hope that most of those who read this post are ashamed as I am of my own countries comments.

  • Matt

    Fall of Detroit British army, canadian militia and native Canadians. We lit a lot of fires to make the camp look big and gave you fake letters, and you beloved it.

  • An american

    to find Canada put your finger mostly anywhere except Hawaii and Alaska in America and move your finger up and Canada is awesome I like maple syrup and Mounties are cool the only bad thing about Canada is they have a library half in an American town and same for America meaning the town is divided

  • James

    To the very top comments…. am I the only person that realizes technically Canadians are Americans as well.

  • Mac

    The law is actually still in effect but it is actualy a horse and 2$ to get out of town

  • SwagMastaBeast13

    An American and James and Shirley finally some people who aren’t racist towards Canadians or americans or swearing and the only people commenting here that actually know geography.

  • Smithy

    You say that as if Canadians had a race all to them selves. Instead of them having their own nationality.

  • Nicolette

    to bob’s first post. The French fries are not from France, but from Belgim. They are called french fries because the original french fries were cut french style(in oval shapes like 00000 not like american french fries /////) and if you are basing the Chinese food on Panda Express (which don’t get me wrong is delicious)then you obviously haven’t seen or eaten real Chinese food. And the pizza we eat is also americanized. Italian pizza has herbs and spices and alot ealthier than our pizza. American pizza has ALOT of grease and we usually add mushrooms, sausage, pepers, onions, and a whole buch of othe crap like that. And Tacco bell is not mexican food!!!!!!!!!!!

  • no name

    hey Kyle (67 posts above this)you spelled favor with a u which mean your an English fag

    jk lol but seriously every one needs to be nicer to each other and get rid of the racism please

    and Nicolette he was probably joking

    and every one who said Americans cant find their state or Canada on a map is fucking stupid

  • Azrael

    America has a vocal… I’d guess about half who are arrogant jerks who can’t spell for crap and who are utter morons, being an American, born and raised, I freely admit that, but i also point out it can be a nice place to live, and there are countries with far worse policies and leaders, by no means do I believe America is ideal, but I am proud to call it home, Canada is a wonderful place and there are some wonderful people there, but it is imperfect too. “Let he who bears no sin cast the first stone.”

  • Chung Wu

    Haha random law, this must be very old!

  • Sherlock

    Would be funnier if they were all true but, no itโ€™s not illegal to turn right even in BC. Never mind with the rest of the jargonโ€ฆ

  • darcell

    my gram pa told the/ our lawer that law and now the (that)law is no longer passed

  • Cody

    America is not stupid or jerks but just like every country there is gonna be stupid people and jerks am from canada ontario government wise i would have to say america has the most screwed up government that likes to hide all there secrets projects, aliens, ufo’s, weapons that they are paying from your texes, and th wars that the americans start are quite said as well cause us canadian have to clean up after them like afgenastan, but are government is screwed up too are government stole over 2billion dollars from canadans, and yes canada does have free health care no dental care is not inculded but if u are about to die from cancer tumers or other screwed up stuff they will try to aid you for free witch the government pays for. any ways yeah just thought i would comment.

  • Joe

    I got out of prison, where’s my horse??

  • justin (the angry canadian)

    you listen here boy, i am not an american, i am canadian, nothing more, you are american, we are canadian, two completely different places. got it bud?

  • MiniMouth

    It’s an old law from Alberta that isn’t followed anymore.

  • NathanDF

    It’s called “American Exceptionalism”. You’ll learn all about it as you get older!

  • Devin l

    All I can say is with every body bitching about who is is who and who is better sit down and roll qa blunt and chill!! Us Canadians don’t believe in war but it’s all the other country’s that create the shit and we Canadians fight for our love of the world. So who gives a shit about the laws. Sure some are very gay but hay that’s the world for u!!! Puff puff pass and enjoy life.

  • Barack Obama

    I like the sounds of this.

  • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

    This applies to All states. and is still in effect.. most who find out about it.. sue and actually get the money that would pay for a horse and a gun.. witch i’ve seen happen in mass, maine, texas… etc.

  • Whydoyou Wanttoknow

    By law that no one has changed in almost 200 yr’s

  • Guest

    You’re a moron. (To the reply, the angry Canadian). The continent is America you jackass. But you did get one thing right, you’re definitely nothing more.