Massage Therapy is considered an adult, erotic service, and is banned in all zoning districts

It’s against the law for anyone to keep “fowl that shall cackle,” or for anyone to play the piccolo between the hours of 11 pm and 7:30 am

Airplanes are prohibited from flying over the town on Sundays during the hours between 11 am and 1 pm

Sex outside of marriage is forbidden

It’s unlawful to attract a crowd except when aching the Gospel, politicking or “serenading on occasion of public rejoicing.”

It is against the law for children under seven years of age to go to college.

It is illegal to make love on the floor of a hotel room between two double beds.

It’s illegal to sell cotton lint at night.

It’s illegal to dig ginseng on other people’s property between the months of April and September, according to an 1866 law.

A political action committee, or PAC, has to have a name that describes the group’s cause or purpose.

The idea is to prohibit, say, the highway or tobacco lobbies from calling themselves “Citizens for Good Government.”

Anyone who violates the terms of a proclamation such as failing to appropriately celebrate Peanut Day or Jaycees Week–is guilty of a misdemeanor.

You can be fined for singing out of tune for more than ninety seconds.

It’s illegal to attach anything to a pool table.

It’s illegal to shoot paper clips with rubber bands.

It’s illegal to bring a pea-shooter to a parade

If you happen to own a marl bed in North Carolina, the law demands that you put a fence around it.

A marl bed may not be what you think. It is a kind of rock quarry.

Before a man asks for a woman’s hand in marriage, he must be “inspected by all the barnyard animals on the young woman’s family’s property, to ensure a harmonious farm life.”

It is illegal to sneeze on city streets.

It’s illegal in North Carolina to take and sell labeled milk crates.

People were using them for cheap furniture. We’re not sure what’s wrong with that.

By town law the sewer service charge used to be “$2 per month, per stool.” It was recently changed to read “per toilet.”

An ordinance proposed states, “In the future, anyone not living within the immediate vicinity of Robbins must have a permit from the Chief of Police and approval of the Mayor or one of the Commissioners.”

It’s not clear what the permit is for, but they may be on to something.

A recent proposal that ministers walk the beat with police officers notes “the ministers will carry a Bible instead of a gun.”

Massage parlors have been banned.

No person may walk on top of the water tank of the city.


(A) It shall be unlawful for any person to climb or tramp on any of the roofs of any business houses in the Town without a lawful purpose.

(B) It shall be unlawful for any person to climb or go on the ladder or any part of any […]

It is illegal to stand outside the police station for any purpose after dark.


It shall be unlawful for any person, under pretext of exercising his right to be on the public streets, to loiter on or near the premises of any jail or police station of the Town for the purpose of prying therein or holding surreptitious communication with any of […]