A person must get a referral from a licensed physician if he or she wishes to see a hypnotist unless the desired procedure is to quit smoking or lose weight.

IC 25-20.5-1-23

Sec. 23. (a) Except as provided in section 1 of this chapter, an individual who is certified under this article may not treat or
perform a procedure on an individual for a medical, dental, or psychological problem without a referral from a licensed physician,
psychologist, or dentist. Medical, dental, or psychological problems include:

(1) mental illnesses, including depression and phobias;

(2) addictions, including gambling;

(3) sexual disorders, including impotence and sexual aversion;

(4) preparation for a medical or dental procedure;

(5) pain and physical complaints, including headaches and nausea; and

(6) eating disorders, personality disorders, kleptomania, sleepwalking, and bedwetting.
The board may adopt rules under IC 4-22-2 to list specific medical, psychological, and dental problems that are included under this

(b) A referral is not required under this section to treat or perform a procedure on a person who desires to quit smoking or to lose

(c) An individual who violates this section commits a Class A misdemeanor.

As added by P.L.175-1997, SEC.7.

Waitresses may not carry drinks into a restaurant or bar.

IC 7.1-5-8-6
Taking liquor into restaurants prohibited

Sec. 6. Taking Liquor Into Restaurant Prohibited. It is a Class C
misdemeanor for a person to knowingly carry liquor into a restaurant or place
of public entertainment for the purpose of consuming it, displaying it, or
selling, furnishing, or giving it away to another person on the premises, or
for the purpose of having it served to himself or another person, then and
there. It is a Class C misdemeanor to knowingly consume liquor brought into a
public establishment in violation of this section.

(Formerly: Acts 1973, P.L.55, SEC.1.) As amended by Acts 1978, P.L.2, SEC.714.

No person may collect rags on Sunday.

Sec. 401-103. Rag and paper collecting. No person shall engage in the occupation of paper or rag collecting or general junking on foot, or by handcart, automobile or other vehicle, before the hour of 7:30 a.m. or after the hour of 5:30 p.m., except in the area of the city bounded on the north by North Street, on the south by South Street, on the east by East Street, and on the west by West Street; provided, however, no paper or rag collecting shall be permitted at any time of the day or night on Sundays or legal holidays. (Code 1975, § 20-11)

It is illegal to ride a horse in excess of ten miles per hour.

Sec. 441-105. Effect of this chapter on horses and other animals. No horse or other animal, either driven or ridden, shall be left unattended, unhitched or insecurely fastened upon any street or public place, or hitched or left at any place when and where the parking of motor vehicles is prohibited and, when so left, the horse or other animal and any vehicle drawn by it shall be subject to all applicable provisions regulating motor vehicles at any such time and place. No horse shall be driven or ridden on any street in the city at a speed in excess of ten (10) miles per hour and every horse shall be kept under control at all times by the person in charge thereof. Such person shall be subject to all applicable traffic regulations that apply to motor vehicles. (Code 1975, § 29-5)

One may not sniff glue.

IC 35-46-6-2

Sec. 2. A person who, with intent to cause a condition of intoxication, euphoria, excitement, exhilaration, stupefaction, or dulling of
the senses, ingests or inhales the fumes of:

(1) model glue; or

(2) a substance that contains:

(A) toluene;

(B) acetone;

(C) benzene;

(D) N-butyl nitrite;

(E) any aliphatic nitrite, unless prescribed by a physician; or

(F) butane;

commits a Class B misdemeanor.

As added by P.L.2-1993, SEC.189.

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