It is illegal to sit on your porch in an indecent position.

It is illegal for stores to sell corn flakes on Sunday.

The fine for waving a gun in public is higher than actually shooting it.

All Indians must return to their shore of the Chattohoochee River by nightfall.

Bars cannot sell alcohol under price during “Happy Hour”.

It is illegal to set one price for two beers.

Sec. 3-12.1. Same–“Happy” hours; jumbo drinks, two-for-one; etc. All on-premises licensees are prohibited from selling or giving away alcoholic beverages under the following circumstances: (a) Serving multiple drinks for a single price or offering all you can drink for a set price during a set time. (b) Making a single price the basis for a […]

No person may be buried under a sidewalk of a cemetery.

Sec. 9-1. Burial in streets, etc.; in lots, authorization, holding city harmless. No body shall be buried in any of the streets, lanes, nor walkways in any city cemetery. No body shall be buried in any lot in any city cemetery until after the written interment request has been properly executed by the lot owner […]

Picnics are prohibited in graveyards.

Sec. 9-7. Injury to property, trees, etc.–Picnicking; firearms. No person in the city cemeteries shall pick flowers of any kind, break branches from shrubs or trees, or climb fences to the cemeteries or trees located therein. Picnicking, lunching, lounging, shooting or loud and boisterous or disorderly conduct are forbidden in the cemeteries. No person with […]

Stink bombs are not allowed in the city limits.

Sec. 14-7. Annoying substances or devices; use, sale, possession. It shall be unlawful to sell, or keep on hand for sale, or offer for sale, or use, or possess in the city or its police district, any substances or articles commonly known as itch powder, sneeze powder, stink bombs or similar substances or articles. (Ord. […]

Barber shops may not open on Sundays.

Sec. 14-8. Barber shops; Sunday closing. It shall be unlawful for any barber shop to be kept open or do any business on the Sabbath day. (Code 1914, § 798)

To swim in any pond in the city, one must wear a “suitable bathing suit”.

Sec. 14-9. Bathing in public; suits required when. It shall be unlawful for any one to bathe in any pond or branch within the corporate limits of the city between daylight and dark unless provided with suitable bathing suits, and no person shall bathe in the river anywhere between the north limits of the city […]

Crosses may be burned on someone else’s property, so long as you have their permission.

Sec. 14-12. Cross, symbol, etc.; burning, placing, painting; consent required. (a) Burning, on private property. It shall be unlawful for any persons to set fire to or burn, or attempt to set fire to or burn, or assist in setting fire to or burning, any cross, symbol or emblem upon private property owned or occupied […]

It is illegal to wear a hat in a movie theater.

Sec. 14-28. Hats; wearing in theaters. It shall be unlawful for any person to wear a hat or any other covering of the head which obstructs the view of other persons, in any theater, opera house, motion picture theater or any other building where an entertainment is given and an admission charged, during any performance […]

No one may tease an idiot.

Sec. 14-34. Idiots, etc.; teasing, harassing. It shall be unlawful and disorderly conduct for any person to tease or harass, either by words, signs or acts, on the streets or public places in the city any simple minded, idiotic, or crazy person, or any cripple, or other unfortunate person, and it is hereby made the […]

Cussing over the telephone is against the law.

Sec. 14-49. Profanity over telephone. It shall be unlawful for any person in the operation of any telephone installed within the city, to make use of any vulgar vituperation or profane language into and over such telephone. (Code 1914, § 663)

Blow guns are not allowed to be used within the city limits.

Sec. 14-58. Slingshots, similar devices. It shall be unlawful to shoot gravel, shot or marble, or any other thing out of a gravel shooter, blow gun or marble sling, or other device or implement of like character. (Code 1914, § 652)

Model airplanes may be flown so long as they stay on either private property or city property adjacent to the county morgue.

Sec. 14-44.1. Model airplanes, unlawful to fly except in designated areas. It shall be unlawful to fly within the city limits of Columbus, Georgia, model airplanes that are propelled by gasoline engines, except in the following described area: (a) Privately owned property where the flight of such planes is confined within the boundary line of […]

It is illegal to carve your initials on a tree, even if it is on your own property.

Sec. 14-46. Obscene writing, defacing property. It shall be unlawful for any person to mark in obscene language, cut or otherwise deface any fence, house or tree in the city limits. (Code 1914, § 648)

No one may practice the business of tattooing on Sunday.

Sec. 14-60.3. Same–Prohibited on Sunday or Sabbath days. It shall be unlawful for any person, individual or firm to conduct the business of tattooing or marking or coloring the skin by pricking in coloring matter so as to form marks or figures or scars on any portion of the body of any individual on Sunday […]

It is illegal to carry a chicken by it’s feet down Broadway on Sunday.

Can’t cut off a chicken’s head on Sunday.