You may not fish on Sundays.

You are presumed guilty until proven innocent for some crimes.

Trespassing on someone else”s land is legal.

It is illegal to kill an Englishman except for pleasure.

It is illegal to hunt haggis between 1st April and 30th July.

It is illegal to be a drunk in possession of a cow.

If someone knocks on your door and requests the use of your toilet, you must allow them access

By law, any person operating a Fish and Chip shop must provide Deep Fried Mars Bars as part of their menu.

By law, on Rabbie Burns night, 25th January, all Scottish people must eat Haggis, Neeps and Tatties.

Any Scotsman found to be wearing underwear beneath his kilt can be fined two cans of beer.

Any man owning more than 12 sheep must prove that he is not a “pimp”

Picture thanks to: JAW-SHOE-WHAH