It’s illegal to carry a Bible or to talk to anyone about Jesus Christ.

  • rachel

    what kind of ridiculous law is this? i doubt it exists!

  • Nikki

    It actually is true. The pastor of my local church spent time in singapore and his wife is from singapore and it is illegal to be a christian or to promote christianity in any way.

  • Brian

    What is really sad is that it is becoming close to that here in America. If you try to teach about Jesus in schools, courthouses, or other public facilities, it is an issue.

  • Ayon

    Ned Flanders from the Simpsons – BEWARE.

  • yeraldin

    lol. i think that most of these laws do not exist

  • Christian

    It is probably true since some places still dont even believe in God.

  • Christine

    I live in Singapore and it is not illegal to be a Christian. Infact, alot of people are Christians. The “no preaching on streets” law came about because there were a sudden increment of persistent people who grabbed strangers off the streets and preached to them – whether they liked it or not. These “preachers” had to reach a target of X number of people per day to preach to. It was extremely annoying because they insisted that their church was the right way to go.

  • Christine

    It is not illegal to carry a bible or be a Christian. I live in Singapore and I know that. But to preach on the streets, that is illegal.

  • peanut

    what difference does it make christine?
    your still a christian.

  • Daniel

    “Comment from Nikki
    Time December 29, 2010 at 8:39 am

    It actually is true. The pastor of my local church spent time in singapore and his wife is from singapore and it is illegal to be a christian or to promote christianity in any way.”

    Nikki that is not true, it is not a offence to be a Christian or evangelize in Singapore. We even have mega-churches like City Harvest Church Singapore as well as Heart of God church Singapore

  • Nasoma

    Ahhh so that is why Mormons aren’t allowed to go there. I’m sure they are the reason it was made into a law.

  • Wayne

    Actually Nasoma, the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints do have a presence, though a limited one, in Singapore.

    They just aren’t allowed to actively evangelise to people on the streets.

  • Matt

    That is a very common law in all conservatively Islamic countries because the Koran forbids the preaching or presence of any other religion than Islam. Saudi Arabia has the same law. In fact the Koran goes as far as to say that those who convert to christianity (or any other religion) from Islam should be killed.

  • LookintheMirror

    I consider myself a fairly reasonable person. 90% of you are complete morons. And stupid people piss me off. Matt: not sure why you brought up Islam, as Singapore is Buddhist. To the preachers disciple: go see for yourself. Do your research people! If you don’t know what you’re talking about, simply shut your mouth. Simple. See, I’m reasonable.

  • Matt

    People who follow buddhism in Singapore are mainly of Chinese origin. The vast majority of Malays believe in Islam. 98.7% as of 2010.

  • Jacqui

    I want to move wherever this law exists .

  • ThatChick

    @Brian BALONEY! I’m approached nearly once a week by people carrying bibles and trying to spread their religion!

    Gods forbid I’m Pagan in the US, I get harassed by the Christians all the bloody time for not believing in their deity of choice!

  • Akira

    Hey, I’m pretty sure this law is untrue.
    There are churches all over Singapore, catholic presbyterian, protestant etc.
    My family and many of my friends are evangelists and we carry our bible everywhere in Singapore. No police has ever asked us to pullover or sent us to jail.
    If you want a stupid law about Singapore, there’s a law that forbids people from eating or importing Chewing gum.

  • danisyah

    okay. Let me get this clear.
    I’m singaporean and it is not illegal to be a christian, as there are so many churches in singapore, even convent schools. They do preach in there, even if you’re not christian. But it is illegal to go around preaching people, cause number one, it many result in violent reactions from other strong religons, and two, its just plain annoying.
    And singapore is not bhuddist or muslim or christian. There are so many different religons and no “conquering” religons, we’re just all living together in harmony

  • annoyed

    I live in Singapore and constantly annoyed by pairs of christians knocking on our doors to preach. They will knock and knock, but will not respond when asked. They kept knocking until we come to the door to open. This is intrusive and annoying. Why won’t they go away when the residents don’t respond on the initial knocks? The residents are resting at home or enjoying their quiet time at home. Why do these christians have to come door-to-door to preach and evangelize when they are not welcome or not asked? The law came about because of mass complaints from majority Singapore population to STOP such evangelizing. There was a time when these christians targeted passersby and grabbed (yes, physically) people to talk about the bible. How annoying and nuisance. I wish we have another law to setup a hotline specifically for such door-to-door preaching, so that I can call this hotline and have these pair of christians (always ladies) arrested and locked up.

  • annoyed

    The law should also be amended to issue warnings to evangelizing churches in Singapore, to ban knocking on doors. Not just illegal to go around preaching, but illegal to knock on doors when you are not welcome or asked. Just don’t knock. Go away!!

  • bob

    omg i love this law

  • Al

    I think a mistake has been made. This should be in the ‘Awesome Laws’ section, and not the ‘Stupid Laws’ department.

  • Sean

    Singapore leads the world by example with this law, its about time the rest of the world followed Singapore also. These people need to learn to keep their opinions and beliefs to them selves!

  • Jacob

    @al and bob- shut it, this law sucks

  • donkeypunch

    only if…. i hate jehovis witnesses

  • Rosemary Joseph

    If it is illegal for Chistians to preach about Jesus Christ, then why are Jehovah’s Witness allowed to travel and go knock door to door trying to convert everyone? Not only are they trespassing on our properties, but disturbing the lives of others with different beliefs.

  • Danno

    what an awesome law , shove your bibles and preaching up your ignorant asses (goes for all religions). if you spent as much time living your life as you do thinking about what happens after it you might actually be happy right here right now.

  • Yey

    get in

  • freethinker

    you cannot promote any religion in singapore, as singapore is a multi-racial country, and that the government protects the religions

  • sarah


  • sarah


  • mike

    Preach the Word [1 Cor 9:16], if anyone is ashamed of HIM and HIS WORDS [Mark 8:38], HE will be ashamed of them before His Father and the Angels and the Great Cloud of Wittnesses [2 Tim 4:1-, Hebrews 12:1-2]. Whether is seems right to them for us to serve GOD or not, they must judge, but we can’t help but preach the Gospel [Acts 4:20]. Those who are of the dark hate the Light [John 3:20, John 8:37], and seek to silence the Voice of Truth. Preach the Gospel, that is a Command from the LORD JESUS CHRIST [Mark 16:15-16], Abide in HIM [John 15:5], you can do nothing apart from Him. Acts 26:18-20; The Heavenly Vision, Paul preached the Gospel to the King while in chains! To Hell with the Devil [at the appointed time] who leads the whole world astray [Mark 12:9, Rev 20:10], to whom the reprobate are enslaved to [John 8:44, 2 Timothy 2:26]

    Preach the Gospel, the Devil doesn’t want to see the lost ones come Home [Luke 15, Luke 11:9-13]

    Google: Gospel of John youtube

    Google: Free Audio Bible NIV MP3

    Go to AUDIOTREASURE[dot]COM for free Audio Bibles and Pilgrim’s Progress [The Chritian Classic] for free 🙂 May GOD Bless you in Jesus Name

    If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be damned, our LORD will come. 1 Cor. 16:22

  • FireGirl

    hey im glad this law is around keeps me from listening to you bible thumpers preach to people like me
    nothing agaist you personally but i dont believe in the stuff and well its call the freedom to believe your own beliefs that means you keep it to yourself and let others believe what they want and NO PREACHING cuz others might not have the same beliefs that is also a reason why you are suppost to say Happy Holidays during the season so you are politially correct

  • worm

    some meet with secretly

    I went in response to a revelation and set before them the gospel that I preach among the Gentiles. But I did this privately to those who seemed to be leaders, for fear that I was running or had run my race in vain. Galatians 2:2

    other places preach so everyone ca hear,

    Matthew 10:27 What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.

    John 14:26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.

    John 15:26“When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will testify about Me, 27and you will testify also, because you have been with Me from the beginning.

    sometimes we are told to preach and run

    But whenever they persecute you in one city, flee to the next; for truly I say to you, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes. Matthew 10:23

  • Last of da Risen dead, ja heard wut I said!

    @ Sarah: Wut up my Sista from The Highest Mista?! I like your style.. forget this bs and get to the goods wit some ol’ fasion PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! Amen to that there playa lol We don’t knock on doors ~ We don’t flock on wars ~ We put our glock on the floors ~ & bring shock to the whores!

  • Last of da Risen dead, ja heard wut I said!

    @ Mike: Thanks my Brotha from no otha than The One All shall discova! I’m fixing to get me some audio classics don’t cha know?!

  • Poi

    Actually, you cam carry bibles. Singapore banned all written materials (including Bibles) published by the International Bible Students Association and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, both publishing arms of the Jehovah’s Witnesses on the grounds that its members refuse to perform military service (which is obligatory for all male citizens), salute the flag, or swear oaths of allegiance to the state. It’s their fault for being assholes since Singapore really has too small an armed force compared to other countries, who can survive by people who sign up. Singapore is open to many religions, but these guys just wouldn’t follow the rules set. Singapore’s still cautious since the racial riots that caused separation from Malaysia. lee Quan Yew was sad about that, and obviously it shouldn’t happen again.

  • Poi

    @mike You serious? Preaching here? Hell, that looks like a copypasta. By the links, you’re advertising. Your quotes say it’s our fault if we don’t believe in your religion. So why would you bother trying to convert me. It seems you don’t need a Bible, even if the law existed, you’re the one that’s gonna rattle it off by heart.

  • Sneha Gulal

    I live in Indonesia and well aware of the dirty tricks Christians play to get converts. They woud go to villages and give poor innocent Muslims cartons of instant noodles (a popular flavorful,cheap but unhealthy meal here) and then ask them to come to church. I admire the patience of the Singaporeans for tolerating such mindless Christians when they come knocking at their doors. I personally would abuse them if they do on mine. I find serious flaws in the teachings the Christians spread, especially the Protestants. They claim accepting Jesus will erase all our past sins. An educated mind will not accept such rubbish. Lord Buddha has taught that good actions will erase bad actions. Although am not Buddhist but I find that more sensible. Here In Indonesia innocent Christians are often attacked, their churches burnt down only because of the actions of such mindless Christians who use tricks and lies to get converts. But then whos to stop them ? These Protestants are not organized as the Catholics, and have no central authority like Vatican where we can file a complaint. They are renegade groups preaching whatever rubbish they like. The law in Singapore will hopefully set an example for such laws implemented in South East Asian countries.

  • bb

    This law should be in korea.

  • God

    This is true and is done so that you people wont start fighting with each other about religion. Its Obvious whose right any way. Idiots.

  • that is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!! then how are people gonna know who jesus crist is.

  • Pep

    Just came back from Singapore, told everyone I met about JESUS! Hallelujah! Had no idea. Praise the Lord.

  • Pep

    by the way Sneha, JESUS ERASED ALL MY SINS. Guys, there is a kingdom of light, you must be born into it spiritually. Jesus brings people out of darkness and gives us LIFE. Once I was dead, now im alive. Once I was chained now Im free. Thats why we tell others. Not because we want to force a false belief but because we found GOD + LIFE AND ETERNAL LIFE. WE FOUND GOD. THE MEANING OF LIFE. Read the bible you must. the cross at all costs. its the only happy way out of this universe. (you know the unhappy way)

  • Thuan

    Every mankind has the rights to follow his/her religion, but that practicing path should god granted religion, in the universe there are many faiths, seeksm,buddism,judaism,monetheism,islam christian and many others, its mankinds duty to understand and study every religions, if any doubt on any religions preaching and its revealation better approach to correct person of the particular faith definately he may clear doubt, but it should authentic clarification, i think this manner will help to avoid riots,and will help to spread the peace

  • aly

    No its not illegal.

    1. It’s perfectly legal to carry a bible around and to evangelize – just don’t be an arse and try to preach to a Muslim because that’s just ignorant and disrespectful.

    2. It’s perfectly legal to be Christian, or to evangelize, like I mentioned earlier on, just don’t be an ass about it. If someone isn’t comfortable, stop.

    3. Singapore is a multi-racial country and embraces multiple religions, there’s no persecution or biasedness towards or for any one religion.

    4. The one religion in Singapore that’s somewhat illegal are the Jehovah Witnesses. It’s illegal because they do not bear arms to defend their country, nor do they take the pledge or sing the national anthem as it contravenes their religious beliefs. All able bodied males serve 2 years of mandatory national service with either the Police Force, the Fire Dept, or in the Military (Land, Air or Sea). Jehovah Witnesses do not serve in a uniformed capacity, but serve 3 years as a “helper” (or known as Brothers) in the Detention Barracks (military jail), helping with day to day matters such as sweeping floors, gardening etc. They are not criminalized for being JWs per se, but are punished for NOT serving their national service.

  • Lucy


    Do you mean the City Harvest that allegedly stole monies from their followers?

  • Hah

    Well it’s obvious that you people arent Singaporean
    If you were, you’d realise SG includes different religion
    For god’s sake it’s even in the pledge.
    Besides if that happens then like half of my friends would be charged for this law? *Laughs rolling on the floor*
    Stupid website

  • Hah

    One more thing, if it’s illegal to speak about Jesus Christ then what about the catholic schools? Really.

  • Chase

    If this law is in USA (which I highly doubt)Then I bet it actually does not exist. It is illegal to be a christian in some countries, but in USA this shouldn’t be possible.

  • splc

    sheesh, many of these laws are decades, if not centuries, old. the laws were just never taken off the books. it is a very common phenomena. lighten up

  • Repent Amarillo

    God says preach the Gospel so preach the Gospel. Regardless of the law. The Bible outweighs any law or constitution of man. It says preach so we preach. We may be in Singapore soon and we will preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Justus

    Hurrahh and thank god, it’s about time we started regulating religion. Only if we could get some of that in America.

  • American Atheist Guy

    I think it’s ridiculous that there isn’t universal freedom ,of (or from) , religion anywhere on earth.

    If you believe it you ought to be allowed to freely practice it ( so long as you are not abusive with it to others). If you don’t then no one should be able to tell you must, or should , by any law decree, or other sort of dictum otherwise.

  • If this were true people would have brains.

  • Some random christian

    “If you deny yourself as being a follower of Jesus, I will deny you in front of the father” I hope you Christians are staying strong in Singapore. God bless

  • Eternal Life.

    Believing in Jesus Christ is the only way to save your souls and be in eternal life. Christ’s followers wanted to save every ignorant (about Bible& Jesus Christ) people in the world to be saved, that’s why they preach the Bible. They love you that’s why they knock at the door. Grab your copy of the Bible today itself, live as mentioned there. (It never mention to spread hatred but to love your fellow beings)

  • K Thomason

    Yay a local nutcase these are always fun. Tell us about how evolution isn’t real!

  • Danau

    the stupidity of some of these comments make me want to kms. this website reflects the total ignorance of some people here.