It is legal to beat your wife so long as it is done in public on Sunday, on the courthouse steps.

  • crazymane

    I’m movin to Arkansas haha j/k

  • U stupid u need to get ur ass kicked

  • Cathy B

    Get rid if this law yesterday. I can’t believe it’s even allowed to be a law. In this day of violence against women, it’s terrible to think someone can use this law to get away with domestic violence..

  • Jamie Lloyd

    The law correctly reads “You are permitted to publicity beat (or discipline, depending on the state) your SPOUSE on the courthouse steps, with or without their consent, for 60 seconds – from 12:00 pm to 12:01 pm. So long as: the beaten does not step foot off the courthouse steps, and the beater uses an open hand or a leather strap, without a metal buckle, ONLY if: it is not longer than the beater’s arm, no thicker than 3/4 of an inch and no wider than 1 inch.”

  • Ahhh

    There appears to be no legal authority for this story. I cannot find it in any Arkansas Code. Others have searched the law and cannot find it. See e.g.
    The exact law has not been cited in any website I have found. If anyone has any information on the code or statute allowing courthouse beatings, please provide it. Surely we Americans are more intelligent than to presume something true without any evidence? We are not sheep.
    I would think a crazier law exists in states punishing convicted thieves [who likely cannot find employment because of their criminal records] for stealing food by sentencing them to 25 to life under state 3 strikes laws.
    For instance, in 2000, repeated non-violent thief Louis Rodriguez was sentenced to a Third Strike life in prison sentence for stealing a candy bar and some cheese from a Los Angeles grocery store. After more than eight years behind bars, he died in a prison hospital. He wound up costing California taxpayers more than $100,000 a year in housing and medical expenses. (See e.g.
    Why do you think California wants the 3 strikes law? So they can bilk money out of taxpayers, or because cheese and candy thieves are so dangerous that they must be segregated in prison for life?
    Our present laws need review, careful thought and revision in many cases. We are an educated society driven by our senseless acceptance of our government’s stated “reasons” for heightened enforcement. Please become active in areas that matter.

  • Will Gibson

    This is in Huntington West Virginia not Arkansas people read the top of the page. What a great law im proud to live in Huntington now lol.

  • FormOfDumb!

    Until your SPOUSE tricks you to going to the courthouse on Sunday at noon.

  • Nattyb

    You sound like a loser with a tiny penis that beats them to keep them by controlling them!!!LOSER!!!!!!!!