It is legal to be a prostitute provided you do not give customers enjoyment.

  • Theodor

    In Sweden, it’s legal to be a prostitute wether you provide pleasure or not. The ruling opinion is that if there is a victim in sex trade, it’s the seller and not the buyer. In other words, buying sex is illegal, and also profiting directly from someone elses prostitution (pimping). I really don’t see any point in further victimising prostitutes by sending the police after them. The sex industry is repulsive, but only because of how prostitutes get used for other peoples pleasure. Nothing stupid about this law at all.

  • Alysha

    Oh wow, I suppose there always has to be the one person who ruins it for everyone…

    Theodor, we cant read anything about Sweden on this site without you putting your two-cents in can we. Everyone agrees that the sex industry is foul, but this is not that kind of site, this is just for a bit of fun, so please exert your testoterone-fueled authoritarianism elsewhere.

    Thank you, 🙂

  • nicholas

    Theodor & Alysha
    You guys just made my day.


  • Eloise

    What theodor says is true. The law here doesnt exist – its legal to be a prostitute in sweden, but its illegal to buy sex

  • alysha whatever your reason for browsing this site is (clearly enjoyment and not enlightenment) i think its mighty good to correct faults and/or misunderstandings for the greater good.

    i have a few opinions regarding prostitution laws but this ain’t the forum for that discussion so i agree with you there atleast 😉

  • Markku

    Allowing prostitution but prohibiting buying of sex is like allowing the selling of drugs but prohibit the buying of them. A typical swedish law, which all other scandinavian countries are laughing at. What a person does with his or her body is entirely their own business.

  • Elin

    @Markku: Oh, so the other Scandinavian countries are laughing at the law? They must have a strange sense of humour then, since Norway and Iceland decided to introduce it too, in 2009, and Denmark are on their way.

  • Rebecka

    The reason for that is so that for example a kid is sold as a prostitute the kid won’t get any fines or going to jail because it is often that the prostitutes are made to sell sex and that is why it is that way. Makes more sense if you see it that way.