It is legal for a man to divorce his wife if he finds out after marriage that she wasn’t a virgin.

  • Marcelão

    This law no longer exists in Brazil since 2002!
    The content of the Old Law was: Article 219. It is considered essential error about the person on the other spouse (…) IV. The deflowering of women, ignored by her husband.
    Currently, we have the Civil Code of 2002 and there is no such legal provision.

  • Guest

    Some laws may have changed, but Brazil is still a corrupt third-world nation, full of hypocritical windbags and obsolete laws. In addition to that, there’s no respect for private property and free market is a cuss word. The education and health care system are broken, and the government has been using public funds to sponsor the World Cup games. That’s definitely not the place I want for my future kids. I can’t wait to move to Europe…

  • Cinnamon! Jk! My name is Amy..

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    “You may kiss the bride”
    *man kisses wife*
    Wife: “Oh and by the way….. Im a virgin…”
    Husband: “You are dead to me”

  • Alice

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  • Tequnieque May Vanerlynn

    I am a virgin and I live in Brazil………….

  • Ander


  • Marissa

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  • Tay Gizelle

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  • Bani Septa Muhammad


  • Bani Septa Muhammad

    We should ban all non virgin to be married

  • Blahh

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