It is illegal to marry any animal that is not already a relation.

  • 1245

    y would u????

  • Braja

    A woman in Egypt married a snake.

  • s4t4n

    True law. Because any animal you own is legally a family member. Stops theft from other ppl by marriage. This the basis of the goat rumour

  • chocolate-thunder

    so do pet rocks count?

  • Emily

    Why would you want to marry a rock? Or any animal?

  • Lorenzo


  • luke

    Chocolate thunder probably wants to marry a rock because it makes a great buttplug.

  • Veronica

    So nasty yet funny… 😉

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  • Dom

    Anyone who marries animals, family or objects is seriously messed up

  • jennacide

    Does that mean I can marry uncle moose

  • Ámbar Lopez

    This is so stupid because who want to marry an animal.