• Charli

    Thats not true.

  • Ben


  • Ben

    8====) O:

  • Rebecca

    Oh dear. I have broken this one :/ I am Canadian with a Missouri boyfriend. So is it a worse crime to be a foreigner giving/receiving the oral sex? LOL

  • V

    Only while driving.

  • only if you get caught

  • justin

    its illgeal 4 u to be her if ur from canada

  • you’re an idiot

    “it is illegal to be here if you’re from canada”… There. I fixed your spelling. Did you make it to the 2nd grade? Idiot.

  • ivy

    Seriously? Looks like my husband dont get any more head

  • ivy

    Dont be such a dick

  • procrastinating

    this was struck down by the supreme court along with other ‘sodemy’ laws in 2003