Stupid State Laws

Stupid Country Laws

It is illegal to attach a vending machine to a utility pole without prior consent from the utility company.

RCW 70.54.090
Attachment of objects to utility poles.

It shall be unlawful to attach to utility poles any of the following: Advertising signs, posters, vending machines, or any similar object which presents a hazard to, or endangers the lives of, electrical workers. Any attachment to utility poles shall only be made with the permission of the utility involved, and shall be placed not less than twelve feet above the surface of the ground.

  • FormerSeattleite

    Why is this a “stupid law”? If you block access at the base, it creates a hazard. If you attach wires lower than 12 feet, it creates a hazard. To avoid creating these hazards, there is this safety law. If you think safety is stupid, then please don’t follow these laws.

  • ThatChick

    then tell me why people post things to telephone poles.

  • BASavage

    I dont think the reason it is listed as a ‘stupid’ law is because of the safety issue but the fact that the law had to be created because someone, probably multiply people, thought it was OK to attach a VENDING MACHINE TO A PUBLIC UTILITY POLE lol

  • BASavage

    Plus, I cant see pulling over to the side of a road to get a snack from an outdoor vending machine, thats like buying sandwiches from a truck stop restroom.