It is illegal for a husband to beat his wife with a stick larger in diameter than his thumb.

The “Rule of Thumb” originated in Rome, under the rule of Romulus, in approximately 753 BC. It dictated how large of a stick that a husband could use to beat his wife. Almost 1000 years later, women briefly had “rights” if their beatings were unjustified. However, those rights were short-lived, lasting only about 100 years.

We found what appears to be a direct quote in this book that “Since the Jasper husband is accountable for his wife’s misbehavior, he has the legal right to chastise her with a stick no larger around than his thumb.”

However, a search of current Jasper, Alabama municipal code does not turn up a current law on the books.

  • I really don’t think that would hurt too much…..

  • félix lebel

    what do we do if we don’t have thumbs?

  • Don Imus

    @ KazoWAR
    If you don’t think it would hurt too much go outside with a friend and have them beat you with a fishing rod.

  • FFS13

    This should be repealed. NOONE has the right to hit anyone.

  • A guy

    it should be illegal to hit anyone in the first place

  • Kaia

    This is where the rule of thumb came from.

  • Apollo

    so it is legal to beat your wife

  • PoetLover

    And this is why it’s called “THE RULE OF THUMB.”