It is considered an offense to shower naked.

Picture thanks to: ivankokuti

  • Brian

    wow that sucks so if you were tryng to get some in the shower you cant cause it would be offensive hahaha that sucks hahaha that cracks me up though ha … ha

  • amy

    omg, lol, well guess they better make plans to arrest everyone in florida including the police and politicians, guess we’re all guilty

  • George

    so what they shower in swimsuits??? thats rediculous!

  • Becky

    I’d like to see what Florida State Police are doing to enforce this one!

  • laura


  • its fine with me i dont shower anyways

  • Charly

    hahahahaha, well, how else are you supposed to shower? and how would the police even know if you’re showering naked or not?

  • lalalala oh dont mind me im just being retarded and lazy showering in my cloths!!

  • wow thats odd

  • Cara


  • Chad

    Does wearing a condom count?

  • o_o I’M GOING TO JAIL!? Whaddya want meeda do!? Wear a jumpsuit in the shower!?

  • Eian Lindsey

    O.o uuuuuummm……. so dose that mean u can shower with like only a sock on or something?!?!

  • Hate so see how this is enforced.

  • Gene

    Has anyone thought to check on the validity of this claim. I went to the Florida website and searched for a law with the word naked. I found one , but there was no reference to shower. Will you people beleive anything just because it’s on the web?

  • Autumn

    I live in Florida , Apperently I break the law everyday . Better go turn myself in . Lmafo

  • Matt

    I’m not sure whether that law exists or not, but it used to be an old teaching of the catholic church (along with the teaching that the act of bathing was self-indulgent) that it was spiritually innappropriate to see even yourself in a naked state.

  • how do they expect you to shower

  • Stephanie

    Thats dumb!! how would you get clean enough…and you would smell! plus you need to wash in placed that need to be washed like…your stomach or…down there…on your feet!!

  • ninoprodigio

    if that were true wouldnt we need more space in jails? i mean we all have to go there then.

  • BB

    How would they know if you were naked

  • Habu

    Okay, some of these laws are just made up on the spot. I’ve lived in Florida for 17 years and nobody has EVER enforced this, complained about this, mentioned it, and until now, I had never even heard of it. I don’t believe anything on this sit anymore because it is BS

  • Reggie

    Habu, you’re kind of a moron if you think you’re aware of every law in your state at age 17.

  • Lily

    Habu I agree with Reggie your age is showing and you sound like the kid that thinks he/she knows it all and the word is site not sit. People mainly use this “site” to have a laugh get a sense of humor!!! If it’s true or not who cares!

  • Nobody(Illiad reference)

    lol, this is funnier than the “Blue Duck” law!

  • Christine

    Um… How the hell would they enforce that law? O_o

  • Lyly

    WHOOO IMMA GO BREAK A LAW RITEE NOW!!! gunna shower …..NAKED.. im so bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Linda

    Well let me go get undressed, except for my socks, so I can go jump in the shower!

  • Harry potter approves

  • Dick Jonson

    I think that they mean the showers outside you use to get the sand off of yourself

  • FireGirl

    HELL NO im not showering with my clothes on

  • Dudley

    During my salad days, I was once so poor and did not know how to wash clothes so I washed them in the sink and sometimes showered wearing clothes.

  • Master

    -Police : 911, what’s the emergency?
    -Man : Umm, I think my neighbor is naked while having a shower! I can see him!
    -Police : Go F*** Yourself!!!

  • Mooenstein

    “SIR! Sir, you cannot shower naked, sir! It’s the law, sir!”

    “Look, ya wanker, either arrest me, or take this loofah & get that spot between my balls & my asshole that I can’t reach!”

  • me

    they never said you couldnt bathe

  • talea

    i agree they probably meant outside showers on/near the beach. even if they didn’t, who is to say that this wasn’t a law once years ago? i doubt, though, that they were referring to private showers.

  • Jim M

    This is meant for public showers outside at the beach.

  • Brian

    Take a bath (naked, of course).

  • Hailey

    WHat are the police gonna do?? Come in when your showering to see if your Naked??

  • Dustin

    Technically this is a law because 50+ years ago public showers on the beach were commonly used by the homeless to shower, thus you are not pardoned from public indecencies.

  • ott

    i think it’s oregon, being nude in public with non sexual intent is protected as freedom of speech ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 3belovedpups

    For Reggie and Lily, if you read habu’s post carefully he or she did not say that they were 17 years old, they stated that they had lived in florida for 17 years! Your posts were from 2011. it is now 2 years later, but it is the first time I decided to read the comments. Habu might have been 17 years old at the time but the way that comment is typed, I’m reading it as they had previously lived elsewhere and had moved to florida and been in this beautiful state for the period of 17 years.

  • 3belovedpups

    P.S. I have lived in Florida for 37 years and realize that not all these “dumb laws” are actual laws on the books and are simply meant to give people a good laugh, after all, laughter is considered to be “the best medicine”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • People From Florida dont shower.

  • Andrew

    How would they know???

  • JingleButt

    You sir made my day.

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    That’s dumb.