It is considered an offense to mow your lawn on a Sunday, because it causes too much noise.

  • Corentenig

    That’s true in Belgium too .

  • jenny

    Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz, i wonder what the consequence is

  • Chocolate Rain

    This is true. My dad was warned by the neighbours for mowing his lawn.

  • Rhine

    that totally make sense though… sunday is a resting day so you shouldn’t disturb others.

    As for not hanging your clothes on a sunday, that’s a religious thing (the lawn-mower thing too, actually). On sunday you’re supposed to rest (as god did after he created the world) and so it’s disrespectful if you publicly work.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the second one, but then just about everyone in switzerland has a dryer anyways.

  • Grace

    I kinda wish this was a law in Nebraska(USA) so I could have a nice Sunday meal with my grandparents without mowers going constantly. It gets extremely annoying, especially if it’s really nice out and you want to eat outside.

  • hayde

    I don’t see how this is seen as a stupid law. I would go further than lawnmowers and say anything noisy. There should be one day in the week at least where people have a right to experience the world in peace. I’m not religious but thinking behind this law is sound and benifitial. I wish that Sunday feeling would return to merry ole england :o)))

  • Mark

    I only wanted to comment in order to express my disagreement with all the theists above.

  • Bob The Dinosaur

    ._. This isn’t stupid. I’m not Christian. I’m more of a Wiccan/ Satanist, but I believe in respecting religion. Shut up, and rest, you guys. It’s Sunday.

  • Crow Clan


  • Joseph

    It is a stupid law. I work 6 days a week from 9am to 6pm. So what are my options? Wake up the neighborhood on a weekday at 6am? Or do I have to pay someone else do come do it because I may disturb your “rest.”

    Stupid law, only way it’s offensive is if I made you do it for me.

  • tomsherman

    its not stupid at all. people cut their grass one after another filling the whole day, the whole week and then the whole summer with noise. if they cut their grass at roughly the same time one could get relative peace and quiet and according to the real estate industry property value would go up 5-12%. where I live people have 14 hours/day to cut their grass. I proposed 5 hours a day 6 days/week sunday not. this would reduce lawn noise by about 70 hours. I would recommend you/anyone read “growth and technology the price we pay” by ezra mishan a uk economist. where he thinks lawnmowers should be made to make no noise and if they don’t sell people should make do with pushmowers. I agree with that.
    are you people not able to do something that takes an hour in one of 30 chances and if there are 2 people in your household lets say 1 in 60. and if you don’t get your grass cut in a given week so what. do it in the next week.

  • JuanEllisBush

    Takes me under an hour to mow my yard with a riding mower. Takes six
    hours or more with a push mower. Your proposal would support the
    government’s policy of creating more problems with their “common sense” solutions.

  • Can’t breathe

    Well considering that Saturday is the true “day of rest”
    you all got it wrong. I just hate the mowing as I am allergic to grass!