It is against the law to possess any type of alcoholic beverage.

  • Hassan

    Yeah you should be happy with all those drunk people who are making accidents and roaming around causing troubles.

  • King

    muslims aren’t allowed to drink b/c of religion, why should there be alcohol? If you’re a non-muslim gtfo if it’s that big of a deal

  • gog

    it is not bad idea that muslims does not uses alcohol. the rest of world ruins self a lot by using this shit…

  • itscoldhereEyh?

    I agree gog, the folks in Saudi Arabia have progressed so much more rapidly without the alcohol. You know, with human rights and stuff. I heard women are now allowed to speak.

  • kuru

    Saudi Arabia is one of the most dangerous places to drive even without alchohol. Imagine how it would be if they start getting drunk…

  • kvly29

    I agreecto gog

  • hisham

    what you saying not true..

  • Michael Ventrice

    Female friend of mine is living in
    Saudi Arabia and she got caught with alcohol. Now she has to pay fine of $150